ASCA Aussie worth the money?

Katherine NewberryKatherine Newberry Posts: 1Member
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I'm not sure how everyone on here feels about breeders, and I don't mean to offend anyone. I personally like being able to trace lineage, etc. I currently have an AKC Blue Merle male, and I'd really like a red bi or tri female (no, I don't plan to breed them...) I've found a gorgeous girl that I'd really like to take home, but she's only registered through ASCA and she's $450. I'm not sure what all I can do with a dog who is only registered through ASCA. I'd really like to get more involved in obedience and other competitions but again, I'm not sure what's available for ASCA dogs. I'm all kinds of confused. All of the info I've found so far on ASCA is kind of discouraging (it's a sham, etc.) Can anyone fill me in?


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    You can register your dog with a kennel club like the AKC/CKC if you want to compete in those venues. AKC has the canine partners program for unregistered/mixed dogs and I think CKC will accept unregistered dogs if they're purebred. I'm not clear on how it actually works, but I know you could compete if you wanted to. Most sports have their own clubs that hold events. Agility has agility clubs, rally has rally clubs, disc has disc clubs... They'll almost all take registrations regardless of breed/mix. I don't know anything about the ASCA. I wouldn't put any stock in it. However, I would also not put any stock in AKC/CKC registered dogs. Kennel club registration is just about meaningless. So, to answer your question, is the Aussie you're looking at worth the money? I don't know. Is it? What are the parents like? What has the breeder accomplished with his/her dogs? What sort of health testing has gone into the breeding program? Why were the puppies bred? These are the things which, in my opinion, determine the initial value of a dog. The rest of the value comes later once you make the dog your own.
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    I don't participate in AKC so even though Tika came with those papers I binned them and only sent in the ASCA papers as that is where I planned to trial. ASCA papers are not a sham...well not anymore-so than AKC papers lol (ASCA actually requires DNA for papers to be provided for all current puppies). ASCA is a single breed registry, but also has conformation (altered and intact Aussies only) as well as performance events like agility, obedience, rally, herding, and tracking (which are open to all breeds). ASCA even holds a National event every year with a large amount of dogs in attendance (some 1500+ at the last one). Depending on where you are there can be a lot of ASCA related events. I live in the Pacific Northwest and we are pretty littered with events...but I do know that it is sparse in other parts of the country. As for the breeder and the dog you are looking at...that all depends on many things. I know of a few not so great ASCA only breeders, but I also know of several more AKC only Aussie breeders that are just as bad if not worse...then of course there are the bad breeders that register in both AKC and ASCA, so pinning a breeder on choice of registry is not always black and white. A quality puppy comes from a quality breeder and that can be a bit trickier to determine, but the basics are health, temperament, and the who's & why's of the breeding. If you want more on ASCA check out the official website
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