Akita's with children?

Robin NashRobin Nash LondonPosts: 6Member
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Hi everyone, So me and my girlfriend have recently moved into our own place with our 2 year old daughter, and have decided to add another member to the family. After tons of research we have decided to look at the Akita more in depth and find out other peoples experiences as there is a lot of horror stories behind this magnificent breed! How is the Akita with people? We have a high volume of people coming into the house daily so the Akita must have to deal with this. Is there any truth behind the aggression? We have heard loads of stories and peoples opinions (from people who haven't actually owned an Akita) suggesting they are instinctively aggressive. We have loads of visitors also staying over, and will sleep within the front room. The same place we are planning on making the bedroom for the Akita so will this be a problem? If there is anything else you'd like to add then please do as as much information on personal experiances will be very much appreciated. Thanks Robin


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    We just got our long haired akita puppy at 9 weeks old last Wednesday and he's been amazing with our 3 year old twin girls. I couldn't be happier with him. He plays with them, but he's never been too rough, knocked them over, etc. We had him pretty well potty trained in two days and he's been an absolute blast to have around! The only challenge has been how much he loves the snow and being outside! We've received around 2 feet of snow since he's arrived and he loves it! I don't know that he's a typical puppy though. I drove 10 hours each way to the breeder and picked him out because of his personality. He's not the puppy that we selected through the pictures and conversations with the breeder. I ended up changing my mind and picking the long haired guy after spending time with him and the other short haired pups. Good luck!
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    Sorry, double post!
  • Robin NashRobin Nash LondonPosts: 6Member
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    Hi, thanks for responding to my post :). Me and my partner actually went and got our Akita from the breeder the day after I posted the original post and so far we haven't had any hiccups. Apart from the occasional jump up onto the baby, we tell her off and she don't do it again. We couldn't have asked for a better breed to welcome into our home! She has also settled into our home a lot quicker then expected as well which was a bonus for us. We haven't been as lucky to welcome snow to London but we are check the weather forecast everyday as the last time it snowed my daughter was to young to remember, so it will be a fun experience, especially now we have got the Akita to jump around a whole lot more. Me and my partner were a little luckier as we only had an hour and 30mins train journey each way. We to also decided on a different pup when we arrived as my partner felt more attached to this one when we began to play with the puppys. Good luck to you also :D
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