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I'm posting this here, too, due to the immediacy of the need for an answer. A VERY close relative will be obtaining a 9 week, purebred Havanese puppy soon. Our wonderful, adopted, purebred Standard Poodle is very friendly, curious, amiable with almost all other dogs and people. However, on a few occasions, when we are out walking and a unleashed "foreign dog" makes some "threatening gestures" or tries to "jump up" on us, our SP becomes instantly protective ... snarling, teeth bared, confontive, etc. until the "danger" is removed than he instantly calms down. Has not bitten yet but he does appear "ferocious" ... it has always worked to "chase away" the "stranger." Also, he is a "hunter" naturally, points, etc. when in "nature" and on a long leash and becomes an instant "sled dog" when a rabbit or squirrel runs away from us. High prey drive, apparently, he always tries to "sneak up" on them if he sees them. He obeys, often stubbornly, of course, but still there is that instant response. Question, finally, do we have reason to be concerned about introducing him to a small, furry, active, 9 week old Havanese puppy?


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    Since I didn't receive a response through this form, we contacted several breeders. FYI. Yes, my concerns are legitimate given the "high prey drive" of our SP, and many Havanese, too. FYI, it was suggested that we put the puppy in a harness with a leash when introducing the puppy to our SP and, of course, introduce slowly and carefully. Havanese puppies are very active and fast, and furry, etc. The leash and harness should help our SP understand that the puppy is not a rabbit or squirrel. The leash and harness are also recommended for other purposes such as "free potty time" in the yard ... "semi-free" so as one doesn't have to chase the puppy in its' new freedom.
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    If you are concerned about your poodles prey drive I'd introduce them through a gate, not on the leash. Meeting another dog on a leash can often make both dogs feel uncomfortable and can some times even make dogs "act out" more if they feed restricted. Hence why a lot of dog parks have a "no leashes" policy. If you just set up a baby gate between two rooms both dogs can watch and smell each other through the gate but can also leave if they feel threatened. I'd do this in a neutral location, i.e. not your house or your friends house. If that goes well I'd try letting them in together or letting them greet on the leash. Make sure you do not introduce the puppy by holding it and letting the poodle sniff it. This can make the smaller dog feel insecure and can lead to problems. I think people often forget that poodles are originally hunting dogs. Depending on the line they come from or just freak genetics some can have very serious hunting instincts. Make sure you proceed carefully and remember that as much as you might like your dog and your friends dog to be buddies, its really up to the dogs to decide and their safety has to come first.
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