Please give your opinion. Is he a mixed breed? I was told he was a "short" hair Aussie.

Hector GranadoHector Granado Posts: 1Member
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I saw the parents, both had longer hair, and he was the only pup with short hair in the litter. I love him either way, just curious about other Aussie owner's opinions. He has all the traits and personality of an Aussie...and he isn't the first Aussie I've owned. Links to some pictures below. Thanks ahead for any responses.


  • Jess DavisJess Davis Posts: 833Member
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    Very curious. This is not a common situation by any means. Aussies can come with a variety of coat types, but nothing this short. Normally. There are three genes known to control the majority of variation in canine coat length and texture (excluding the two hairless genes), resulting in 7-8 phenotypes (further genetic testing is needed to confirm the eighth). The gene that controls for length of coat has two alleles, and long hair is recessive. However, there are other genes at play. In three breeds (Afghan Hound, Silky Terrier, and Yorkshire Terrier), they consistently have genotypes that do not match up with their phenotype. Afghans have the genotype for a short coat, and Silkies and Yorkies both have the genes for a wire coat (i.e. a short terrier coat). And all of these breeds actually have long coats. If the recessive long coat allele was never present in these breeds (it didn't show up in any of the individuals tested, though it is a small sample size), but a long coat was selected for, then there is another gene controlling for length of coat. So, there could be another gene adding length to the coat of the Aussie, covering up the short coat unless the dog is homozygous for the gene. Maybe. Or could just be a genetic fluke. First step would probably be paternal testing, just in case there was a fox in the hen house, so to speak. Second step would be ordering a coat length/texture test from here. It costs $55 to get the dog tested for the FGF5 gene: He's definitely an anomaly. It would be fascinating if you were able to get to the bottom of this.
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