Summer tips to keep cool

alyssa redmorealyssa redmore longmontPosts: 78Member
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This will be my first summer season, and it gets pretty warm here in Colorado! What are some things y\'all like to do to keep cool while outside and exercising during the summer? Do any of you get the \"summer groom\" of a 1\" coat, as I\'ve heard of with some Aussies? I just LOVE the cold, snowy weather. My mommy wants me to be just as happy in the warm, summer months, too.


  • AohmitAohmit Mission ViejoPosts: 108Member
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    Well, if your dog likes water...get a little kiddy pool for your yard and let him/her go in and out of it whenever they like. I know of a lot of dogs that get a summer cut/shave and seemt o enjoy that a lot more than having all that fur on them. I'm not sure if I'll do it with my aussie because her fur isn't all depends on how hot it'l get here. Good luck!
  • Sherry BodinSherry Bodin Hood CanalPosts: 2,746Member
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    Well as for the cuts...a dogs coat is desgned to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I would skip the cut (it's ugly & can cause for weird regrowth) and just get all the undercoat out. Provide plenty of good fresh drinking water and a kiddie pool - Maggie loves her pool. Keep activity down to a minimum during the hot time of the day (afternoon - early evening), get walks down early morning or right around sunset. Make sure your pup has shade if it is outside. Also fill Kongs with treats and then freeze...also having a frozen dish of water is always fun. Have fun & enjoy the summer sun!
  • Heather BordeHeather Borde RioPosts: 661Member
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    I agree with Maggie, skip the cut! If you keep her brushed out and her coat healthy, she should be able to regulate her temp w/o it. Shaved dogs are more suseptible to sunburn, the "fuzz" that grows back is really a bugger to take care of and protects very poorly also.
  • ashley gillashley gill Posts: 526Member
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    I agree with skipping the cut, I dont know how long my aussie\'s coat will get yet but I had a male rough collie, pretty much as furry as they get. I kept him well groomed and he never seemed to get and warmer than our shorter fured border collie. I\'ll have to see if Desoto likes the kiddy pool.~b~
  • edited 15 April, 2008
    howdy! :) Dont worry about the heat... as long as you arent outside baking in the sun all day you will probably be fine. :) I wouldnt do the coat cut. Ive seen some bad stuff happen.... Spirit is a prime example here, her coat has never grown back in the same since she was shaved. :( Mom will trim us down a little, like cut our feathers back and stuff, just to cut down on the massive amount of fur... because we do like to get wet all summer long! the kiddie pool is great fun!! I also enjoy chasing the hose/sprinkler. He he he... Mom does shave off the fur between my pads on the bottom of my feet. i dont know if it helps or not... but she seems to think that the less fur the easier it is for me to cool off, since dogs use there pads of there feet to keep cool (or atleast thats what shes heard!) I like to hang out next to the bath tub in the heat... its always nice and cool!!! :)
  • themisfitbenji1themisfitbenji1 Posts: 6,990Member ✭✭✭
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    I'd skip the cut. While some dogs do seem happier with it, I personally think it looks tacky. But, if you think it might help, then it won't hurt to try, right? Usually, for Cinnamon, she seems to get a little hotter during the summer than all my other dogs. But, like a poster before me said, dogs coats are designed to keep them: cool in the hot seasons, warm in the cold. But, nonetheless, sometimes they do get hot. So, like I was saying, with Cinnamon, I have a kiddie pool that I let her chill in if she seems to get too hot. She seems to love the idea and she can get a half of a bath while doing it. Sure, the dog may smell like wet dog for a while after, but it works.
  • alyssa redmorealyssa redmore longmontPosts: 78Member
    edited 16 April, 2008
    thanks for all the great feedback! we\'ve seen dogs with the summer cut already and have to agree: it looks tacky. plus, my adult coat has JUST finished coming in, maybe a little more to go, and it\'d be a terrible shame to cut it all off now. the weather has been fantastic here and we\'ve learned that I, too, love to chase the hose. daddy can\'t wait to see what I do when the sprinklers are turned on next month. %:D% Abby K-9\'s blog suggests the cool beds for indoor comfort. if the parents see i\'m still uncomfortable in the house w/ the a/c on, we\'ll likely check into one of those. thanks again y\'all! keep the cool suggestions comin\'!
  • themisfitbenji1themisfitbenji1 Posts: 6,990Member ✭✭✭
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    You're welcome! It would be a shame to cut it off! Aussie Shepherds have BEAUTIFUL adult coats! And, they're fun to admire. In fact, there's a pure bred aussie down the street from us, every time he's outside, I can't help but admire that coat of his. I hope you get everything all sorted out! And, have fun running in the water! I wish I could get my dogs to be that excited about water. They see a water hos and they run. :))!
  • Cisco CarrigCisco Carrig WatervlietPosts: 35Member
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    I agree, skip the full trim. I had Basia trimmed when she was about 2 years old and her coat never grew back quite the same. You do have to watch Aussie's in the heat because they also won't quit fetching even when they probably should. I keep her feet, legs, and stomach trimmed year round. This helps with ice buildup in the winter, and prevents sticks and burdocks from causing tangles. In the summer I go very short on her stomach. I think it helps some heat escape when she lies down. This also seems to encourage belly rubs. Good luck.
  • Heather BordeHeather Borde RioPosts: 661Member
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    Please, please, PLEASE do not let your baby chase the horse! I know it is fun but horses are the deadlies animals for a dog to "work" and that includes even teh most talented stockdog. Horses do not warn when the kick like cattle will (most cows will gently tap instead of a full kick) Horses will also chase, bite, strike, and stomp dogs. Even if your horse is generally good with dogs, a loose dog taunting them can provoke an attack...and it only takes split seconds.
  • Sherry BodinSherry Bodin Hood CanalPosts: 2,746Member
    edited 20 April, 2008
    Ty, they're chasing hoses...not horses.
  • Jennifer BondJennifer Bond OrlandoPosts: 4Member
    edited 27 April, 2008
    Florida Aussie at your service! All we do is try to stay cool! Most Aussies love the water as long as it's not too deep. My Aussie hates the big pool but will sit on the steps in the pool or hang in the kiddie pool. A small plastic pool is great for any yard for your pup to cool down. Mine will put all his toys in the pool and bobs for them. My pup loves the sprinklers too - a few good squirts with a water hose can be a fun game. A good haircut makes a world of difference, it will keep your pup comfortable and it's also an easy upkeep. Who cares if your pup's coat is shorter - Aussie's look good regardless right?
  • Gladys EGladys E Anaheim, CaliforniaPosts: 15Member
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    Hi!:-h I live in Colorado too! Mom and dad decided to get me a "summer trim" so that I don't over heat when I'm playing outside. They're also talking about getting me a kiddy pool, since I love to swim. Last summer, it was so hot when we went camping that I spent the better part of the day swimming in the lake... I scared the fish away... but at least I was cool. Have fun this summer! Remember to drink plenty of water and don't forget to get a slight trim. I bet it'll help a lot!
  • Mindy MalletteMindy Mallette Posts: 24,408Member
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    Thanks for the useful tips! Mama has been looking them over to see if a trim would be recommended for me. I am at least half Aussie, maybe more. I look like an Aussie, 'cept I am almost all black. This is my first summer, and it does get hot here in Md. It just started to as a matter of fact, and I spent a large part of the day in front of an electric fan. I like to go swimming, 'cos my sister is a Labby and you know what they are like! Anyway, sounds like you pups would recommend NOT trimming. Thanks for the advice, and if you have anymore, please pass it on!
  • Ken LamKen Lam PleasantonPosts: 406Member
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    I wouldn't shave Aussies. I've heard they get sun burned real easy which can lead to skin cancer. Grooming out the matts and the sheding under coat will help with the cooling and insulation. I have a Cool Bed III for in the house. It's a mat filled with water and the dog lays on it to cool off. Patches loves it during the summer.
  • william smithwilliam smith Posts: 1Member
    edited 18 March, 2014
    Simple and the best way is to have a misting systems installed. Source:
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