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Need some breed suggestions!

Elizabeth RElizabeth R ABPosts: 1,035Member
Hi everyone! My family is going to be expanding in the next couple years and I would love some breed suggestions! I am looking for a breed that is family friendly and fine with other pets. I have my poms, two children, we are fairly active, but not super active, so no Border Collies/Aussies etc. I'm a Professional Dog Groomer so any coat length is fine with me. I prefer medium-large breed this time around, no giants or toy/small breeds. So far we like: -Standard/ Miniature Poodle -Samoyed Any other breeds you think might work for us? Thanks! :D


  • Lee WLee W Posts: 2,593Member
    edited 28 February, 2014
    SCWT would probably be a good fit. They can be challenging as pups though.
  • Elizabeth RElizabeth R ABPosts: 1,035Member
    edited 23 March, 2014
    Thanks Sabi :D I'd rather stay far far away from all terriers lol. I groom enough to know they aren't a fit for me, but thank you for the suggestion! Anyone here have personal experience with Samoyeds? :D
  • Krista LynnKrista Lynn Posts: 5,021Member
    edited 24 March, 2014
    Poodle! Poodle!!! I'm not biased.
  • Carolyn KinslerCarolyn Kinsler Posts: 405Member
    edited 24 March, 2014
    Sammy's are really fun dogs, and since you have a Pom, a Sammy would not be a completely new thing for you and since you are a groomer you know about all the hair they have! They are a spitz breed so you have the spitz traits....big time prey drive, tendency to bark and a certain reluctance to obey commands when they find something that catches their attention. However they are sweethearts, loving and charming.
  • Jessica ShurtleffJessica Shurtleff Posts: 1,167Member
    edited 26 March, 2014
    Well, a Mini poodle is a Toy Poodle but a little bigger. So you would be getting another dog with a toy breed attitude. Which it is sounding like you don't want that because you already have two Pomeranians. Is that the case? Anyway, if you are still interested in hearing about mini poodles I can tell you more about them. What type of personality are you looking for? What characteristics do you love about your Poms that you also want your new dog to have? And what characteristics do your Poms have that you DON't want your new dog to have? Or if you have had other dogs in your life, what did you like and dislike about them? Edit: I will tell you that Poodles, no matter what size, will outsmart their humans. But because they are so smart they learn really fast. My mom's dogs get treats when one of them goes outside to potty so the poodle figured out that if she just goes outside and turns around and comes back in then she gets a treat. And then she taught the other dogs the same trick and will send them outside so she can get a treat without having to do anything. Very smart dog. She is the mastermind.
  • Jenna MacWhirterJenna MacWhirter CalgaryPosts: 23Member
    edited 30 March, 2014
    Newfoundland dogs make great family dogs :)
  • Jenna MacWhirterJenna MacWhirter CalgaryPosts: 23Member
    edited 30 March, 2014
    Oh, whoops, you said no giants. lol They always seem less giant to me because they're such teddybears, and I usually see them lying down :))
  • Elizabeth RElizabeth R ABPosts: 1,035Member
    edited 3 April, 2014
    Thanks everyone for the responses! My family and I finally made up our minds and we are on a waiting list for a red or white Standard Poodle! We won't have our new family member until the end of this year or early next year depending on which litter has what we are looking for. Waiting is going to suck! At least we have a lot of time to prepare! :))
  • Cesar MillanCesar Millan Posts: 44Member
    edited 10 April, 2014
    I read all above conversation regarding breed discussion. this also helps me a lot because i also want a new dog to increase our family. Thank you
  • Krista LynnKrista Lynn Posts: 5,021Member
    edited 10 April, 2014
    Skyline I know you're only one province over from me, would you mind telling me the breeder? You can pm it if you want.
  • Marian TwitchellMarian Twitchell Pocatello, IdahoPosts: 6,396Member ✭✭✭
    edited 10 April, 2014
    %:D%=D> HooRay for Standard Poodles %:D%:c9 I'm not biased either Jewel :))
  • cleanpaw saloncleanpaw salon Posts: 6Member
    edited 14 April, 2014
    cocker or any spaniel they are really awesome dogs. :n:
  • chandan singhchandan singh Posts: 14Member
    edited 6 May, 2014
    hi skyline, I think you wants a friendly dog breeds. Than you should go with the Labrador, Golden retriever, cocker spaniel american, Cocker spaniel english, beagle, New foundland, Poodle and if you want know more about that breeds than checkout this link It will provides overall information about the dog breeds like characteristics, behavior, temperament, keeping cost, social behavior and many more things. It will helps you to find the right breed.
  • rosewood1991rosewood1991 Posts: 1Member
    Hello ,
    while doing some research i found out a blog which has some useful information about breeders.Hope the link am sharing is useful to all the dog lovers :smile:

  • scott777scott777 Posts: 5Member
    Miniature Poodle's are awesome lap dogs but they can try to be the alpha so not sure that's the best fit.

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