What did your dog(s) have to eat today?

Kaona DuffieldKaona Duffield Hamilton, ONPosts: 93Member
edited 3 April, 2015 in Raw Food Diet
Haven had boneless turkey and green tripe :)


  • Christine VChristine V New EnglandPosts: 7,242Member
    edited 2 September, 2014
    So far just beef kidney. Haven't figured out an evening meal yet.
  • Roger BidukRoger Biduk MontrealPosts: 17Member
    edited 5 September, 2014
    1 1/4 lbs raw chicken, beef liver, green tripe, one raw egg with finely chopped shell, one meaty beef rib bone, a krill oil capsule and half a multivitamin. Roger Biduk
  • Chandra WarmothChandra Warmoth Posts: 3Member
    edited 9 September, 2014
    2 Chicken drumsticks, bit of yogurt and salmon oil (I know the yogurt is dairy but I was hoping it would count as an enzyme/probiotic supplement)...only on day 2 of raw and still learning the ropes!
  • Aleasha CasarettoAleasha Casaretto ColleyvillePosts: 512Member
    edited 28 December, 2014
    Jasper had 1 1/4 cups of Hill's Science Diet Mature Adult Active Longevity Original Dry Dog Food, Max had 2 2/3 cups of Hill's Science Diet Mature Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food, Sweetie had 1 cup of Hill's Prescription Diet k/d Canine Renal Health Dry Dog Food and Winston had 1 1/4 cups of Hill's Science Diet Mature Adult Active Longevity Small Bites Dry Dog Food.
  • joan shockleyjoan shockley Posts: 28Member
    edited 29 December, 2014
    We had raw turkey neck and raw beef, with a little kidney. This is a raw food forum Jasper not kibble.
  • Kellie LanchburyKellie Lanchbury Lake CharlesPosts: 1Member
    edited 29 December, 2014
    Each had 1 cup raw homemade mix plus 1 tsp omega 3,6 supplement. My mix is 10# ground beef, 5# beef stew pieces, 5# ground chicken breast, 5# ground chicken wings, 2# chicken livers, 2# beef liver, 2 # gizzards and hearts, 3 cans pure pumpkin & 3 cans peas and carrots puréed. This makes about 70 cups of food so feeds my babies for 35 days. |$|
  • Kathy YataKathy Yata Posts: 10,342Member
    edited 31 December, 2014
    Ginger gets her diet balanced over several days as she doesn't need very much bone. Yesterday she got a couple of small lamb ribs and today she got organ/tripe mix and some venison. Treats were freezer burnt chicken that was cooked then dried in the oven and some string cheese. Tomorrow she is getting more organ/tripe and venison.
  • Christine VChristine V New EnglandPosts: 7,242Member
    edited 7 January, 2015
    Monday was beef ribs (bone heavy). Yesterday was chicken gizzards with some premade (light bone). Today was canned salmon and a chicken gizzard/liver mix (light bone). Tomorrow is turkey thighs (balanced bone). Veg mix has been yellow squash with bean sprouts and ground cinnamon, used that up today and made a new mix of beets, collards and fresh turmeric root.
  • Emily GoodwinEmily Goodwin Posts: 3Member
    edited 16 January, 2015
    Jyes had chicken hearts with beef cuts and a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese this morning. For dinner, she'll have chicken thighs and some pork with olive oil.
  • Kathy YataKathy Yata Posts: 10,342Member
    edited 16 January, 2015
    Yesterday morning Ginger got some pork chunks. For dinner last night she got a chunk of chicken back. For breakfast she got organ grind, fish oil and a vitamin E cap. For dinner she is getting pork chunks. She would like you to know she got something super terrific before the pork came out of the freezer. A fetal calf leg! It was about a pound and only lasted for 2 days with organ/tripe offered for the other meal of the day. I forgot about it, there are a number of big pieces of a 20 pound calf in the freezer to offer up.
  • Christine VChristine V New EnglandPosts: 7,242Member
    edited 16 January, 2015
    My dogs would very much like to have fetal calves! That was my first exposure to raw feeding, actually. In Woodsong, Paulsen finds his working dogs can't digest kibble properly and switches to a coarse grind of fetal calves. Yesterday was meaty pork with a bit of chicken, and whole mackerel and sardines (transitionary day - I ran out of both pork and mackerel). Today, we're back on a Bravo turkey blend kick, so 4oz AM, 4oz PM with 4oz of chicken. Veggie puree is currently raw spinach, green beans and berry mix. Been supplementing zinc because beef is hard to come by at the moment and my breed is prone to zinc deficiency.
  • Carrie DonnellyCarrie Donnelly Saint Simons IslandPosts: 177Member
    edited 3 April, 2015
    This morning (they are both a tad overweight so less is the new more)chicken drumstick, piece of beef kidney and a chunk of turkey neck.
  • Kathy YataKathy Yata Posts: 10,342Member
    edited 3 April, 2015
    Ginger got a raw egg mixed with ground brazilnut and a multimineral supplement this morning. Looked really gross but she even tried to lick off all the powder. She is getting a rabbit/chicken grind that is too bony tonight then tomorrow she is getting that along with a bone free beef+organ mix grind.
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