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Hi I'm new here and just need a little constructive critcism about raw feeding. You know when you haven't been doing it long and you feel scared that you're not getting it right for them? Kody was kibble fed up until January this year - when I made the link between kibble and why I'd lost three GSDs to cancer. Kibble was all that they had in common, though I'm getting increasingly suspicious of vaccines. Luna was raw fed from the start by the breeder so that's all she's known. Luna's been chomping on raw frozen chicken wings from 4 weeks old. I buy raw food from Natures Menu and chickens from the supermarket. Natures Menu food is human grade, minced and frozen. Kody has, on alternate days, a chicken quarter and beef chunks in the morning and a mix of three of beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, rabbit or green tripe in an evening. For dinner she has a tin of mackerel, sardines or salmon or just an egg. I have to give her this dinnertime feed because I have to feed Luna mid-day and I can't leave Kody out. Luna has the mince mix, and a chicken wing after her morning mince on alternate days. I feed Luna three times per day (she's only 4 months old) The chicken and turkey minces include minced bone. I add chopped carrots, spinach and apple and whatever other veg I have in on alternate days too, that mixes in with the mince. Luna is still swallowing chunks of meat whole so I have to be careful with her and bones. Kody takes her time with her food and is very relaxed so I don't worry about bone with her. How am I doing? I worry about not enough/too much bone content though I'm checking their poops and adjusting as I see the consistency of that. I had to give Luna a slippery elm capsule yesterday because her poop got really hard for her to pass and I felt awful! She's okay now though. I over-worry but I think I'm on the right track - can anybody see where I might improve? Oh and amounts! Kody has 700g per day, I'm trying to get her weight down a little (she's 42kg) and Luna has around 800g per day. I dehydrate liver and kidneys for their treats for training and sometimes just when they do something cute so I don't add liver to their feeds. I also add lamb heart in chunks to their meals maybe three times a week.


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    Here, this spreadsheet might help you out: clicky link Organ meat is an essential part of the diet... you haven't listed exactly how much you're giving as treats, and I'm honestly not sure how dehydrating it affects the nutrient content, but the number you're going to get quoted is around 10% of the total diet, with at least 5% of that being liver. Keep in mind that heart is a muscle, not an organ, this doesn't count towards this. If you're getting hard, light colored poops/constipation you probably are using too much bone. Obvious solution is to deduct some bone and add back in more muscle meat, but if the mixes you are getting are pre-ground, you can try adding in more of the veggies you are feeding. You don't really need fruit as a staple, I would personally ditch the apple for more leafy greens. LIGHTLY COOKED spinach, kale, bok choy, etc.
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    Simplest thing to do would be to leave out the bony meat every other day or so for now. Maybe give some bony grind and some boneless stuff for each meal if you don't think they can handle boneless meals yet. I'd weigh out the liver and kidney before dehydrating and use exactly that amount for treats during the week to be sure the dogs are getting what they need. You could make muscle meat jerky for more treats if you need more for training purposes. Too much organ is going to complicate the transition to raw.
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    Hi Thank you for the replies and thank you for the spreadsheet - that's really useful. I understood that dehydrated meats "Concentrated" the nutrients but like you say it isn't in its natural state so who knows what's lost. I'll find something else to dehydrate and then measure out the liver and other organs raw in their meals. When I give them vegetables I chop them in a multichopper, I also use digestive enzymes on those because I know dogs don't break veg's down. Is that the reason you cook veg's? to release the nutrients? My brother was given a rabbit, all prepped for human consumption, and he gave it to me so I gave it to Kody - half one day, half the next and boy did it upset her stomach. She'd had rabbit in mince form without issues but that whole rabbit really upset her. Why would that be? Pork gives Kody terrible wind so I'm not adding pork again. It's really nice to have somewhere to go to ask these things and once again, thank you for your replies. I'll take both of your suggestions on board :)
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