Elderly roommates want Companion, best fit?

Maliya DreverMaliya Drever Posts: 12Member
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Hey Everyone, My husband and I are looking into adopting a dog or purchasing a retired show dog for my father-in-law and his roommate. My father-in-law is retired due to breaking his foot and not healing properly and his roommate is very elderly. His father keeps talking about getting a small dog but doesn't have the money for the purchase. A dog would be very good for them as it would definitely brighten up their lives and bring them joy and companionship. Please, do not get the wrong idea, my father-in-law is capable of providing and spoiling his future dog. Me and my husband are also here to help them with any unexpected medical bills the dog may have. Him and his roommate will also be apart of the decision making of course. Now that I am through explaining, my question is this - what small breed dog would you suggest for 2 elderly gentleman that live in a small apartment. It would need to be a low energy breed, under 10 lbs, and preferably one with short fur such as a Dachshund, Min Pin, etc I have experience with Yorkies (parents own 3) and big dogs. Yorkies have long fur and upkeep for grooming would be too expensive for them to maintain on a daily basis. I just want the best for them and the dog they receive which is why I will take all suggestions and info into consideration. If you have any questions or concerns that I didn't explain thoroughly enough, I'd be more than glad to elaborate. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my book of an explanation/question, it's much appreciated!


  • Vicky ChanVicky Chan MarkhamPosts: 3,542Member
    edited 20 April, 2015
    Well since I personally don't have much interest in short haired small dogs, I'm gonna go against my better judgment and suggest adopting a chi. That's the only thing I can think of that would fix your father in law's situation. :-k
  • DeaDea NHPosts: 7,176Member ✭✭✭
    edited 20 April, 2015
    Have you considered the Boston Terrier or a Pug? In general they love people. They are small, short haired dogs that are easy to groom. Good Luck in your search.
  • Maliya DreverMaliya Drever Posts: 12Member
    edited 21 April, 2015
    I have thought about them, but wasn't too sure on their personalities as I have never owned one. But they are definitely an option, thanks :)
  • DeaDea NHPosts: 7,176Member ✭✭✭
    edited 21 April, 2015
    The Pug & Boston Terrier I know are mostly lap dogs and like to cuddle on the couch. Both of them are even tempered. Good Luck!
  • Nicole KoleszarNicole Koleszar Posts: 2,761Member
    edited 21 April, 2015
    Some Boston Terriers are a lot of dog in a small package and a lot of them tend to be high energy. I'd stick with a Pug if you want a low energy dog.
  • Dawn Taylor-ChurchDawn Taylor-Church Covington, LouisianaPosts: 1,469Member
    edited 22 April, 2015
    Just chiming in to agree with Lily. A pug is a good choice for a lower energy, relatively easy companion. They are usually kind, pretty quiet, and have an almost human-like expressiveness. I am sure your FIL would love one of these in his life! Another option might be a small mixed-breed, probably best to go through a rescue that maintains its dogs in foster homes, as this way you would get the best insight to the dog's energy level and other considerations, i.e. what it would be like living with the dog on a day-to-day basis. It can be a little tricky to tell just from visiting a dog in a shelter, where they don't always entirely show their true characters; which is why I would recommend a foster-based rescue program. There are also Pug rescues! Good luck!
  • louise nichollouise nichol Posts: 74,667Member
    edited 24 April, 2015
    I think adopting an older rescue dog would be a good idea. Breed would be a mot point, as I'm sure there are many small elderly dogs that would suit your FIL's requirements.
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