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I feed my ferrets raw, and since Mari was a puppy I've fed her half raw and half kibble, but I'm new to feeding full raw to dogs. Kazuto had his first organ meal a few nights ago... and ever since he's been having dark brown/black poop that is very liquidy. Is this just because he's not used to it? I fed him 1 pound total. Half pig liver and half pig spleen. I'm feeding him 2.1 pounds a day because I'm aiming for him to get to 70 pounds at the moment; he's still underweight.


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    Wait, you did the entire meal as organs, and have never fed organ before? I'm not really understanding your post- 1 lb all organ meal, or you did 1 lb of 2.1 lbs (total) daily ration as organ? Either way, yes, gut distress from way too much organ way too quickly. Generally speaking, you introduce one organ at a time, slowly over several days. You'll want to bust up that 1 lb of organ over the entire week, much smaller portions per meal. To further that, nearly 50% of the diet being organ is WAY too much. You need to shoot for about 10% total overall. Also, even for wanting to gain weight, 2 lbs is a little high. For maintenance, a 70lb dog on average is only going to need about a lb and a half. You're doing 3% right now... generally speaking, I don't think you need to go that high unless the dog is extremely active/working and is not keeping wight, is still young, or is considerably underweight. If you're just trying to put a couple of extra lbs on him, feed the normal 2% for a while and adjust from there.
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    The 1 pound of liver and spleen was one meal out of a two meal day. The organ meal happens once a week, not every day. He had just liver two weeks ago, but he barely ate it then. I'm doing 3% because he is very underweight from being a rescue. He is still growing. He just turned one year old.
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    Apparently lots of dogs are fine eating organ once a week. I've never fed like that and I sure wouldn't start out feeding an organ meal a week either. I introduce organ by cutting the first one up into daily rations and freezing separately. Then I take that daily amount and shave off a sliver and feed one a day. If that goes fine [and it has always gone fine so far] I feed 2 the following day and so on. I need to repeat that slow introduction for at least the first 3-4 organs as each organ has a differing nutrient profile and after that I just plop the daily ration of new organ in the dish as it comes along. Once daily rations are fine then go ahead and try to feed 2x daily every other day, if that is fine then go for organs 2x a week and so on. Max couldn't do better than 2x every other day and I still needed to feed his bone on those days. What I ended up doing with him was feeding organ+bony meat one day and boneless meat the other.
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