How are Japanese Mastiffs?

Maliya DreverMaliya Drever Posts: 12Member
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Hey Everyone, I am looking into getting a second dog and there are Japanese Mastiffs for sale currently in my area. I have read up on them but have heard they can be bad with small animals, children, etc. I know that if they're socialized and all that it makes a difference, but I'm basically wondering if there will be a problem? I have two young children, two cats, and Oliver who is around 90 lbs. I know it also depends on the dog's personality as well. I don't want to get a dog that will be aggressive or hard to control. The reason I want a second dog is because the city I live in has had a giant increase in crime, specifically break ins. So I would like a dog that's intimidating and would basically be backup with Oliver if someone were to break in. Oliver is an awesome protector to the family, but I think two is better than one in that type of situation. I also have security cameras. Don't get the wrong idea, I don't use my dog as protection, he's part of the family, he just has a strong protective side when it comes to strangers which In my opinion is a good thing. I just would like there to be less of a chance of him being hurt if there was ever a situation where someone broke in and no one was home or me and my family were in trouble. Whatever dog breed we do decide to get will also be part of the family and not just for show or protection. So my main question is, would a Japanese Mastiff be a good fit into my family of 2 young girls, 1 teenager, 2 adults, 2 cats, and a dog? Thanks in advance!


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    I don't know anything about Japanese mastiffs, but I believe any type of mastiff would be good for protection. :) Here's a list of some other breeds you could look into. :) briard rottweiler akita GSD bouvier newfoundland Tibetan mastiff
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    Since you have 2 small children and other small animals, I would look for a different breed. The Tosa (Japanese Mastiff) was originally breed as a fighting dog, according to a few websites I was on (esp. this one- I could be wrong, maybe someone else can jump in. Esp. since you have an Akita mix, I think you should look for a dog that's a bit more easy going. The things you have going on in your house are the very things they warn against. Think about the dog where it would end up if it doesn't work out. Good Luck in your search.
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