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Spoo vs Lagotto?

Bunny_PrincesseLilyCGNBunny_PrincesseLilyCGN bathurstPosts: 9,421Member ✭✭✭
edited 8 September, 2015 in Choosing the Right Dog
As some of you know, I have had my heart set on a Standard Poodle for years. However this weekend I met a Lagotto and found a breeder who seems good only 3 hours away. I was shocked as one of the reasons I discounted them was they were so hard to find. Now I am torn because they also sound very much like we were looking for. Insights anyone?


  • Vicky ChanVicky Chan MarkhamPosts: 3,542Member
    edited 11 August, 2015
    I have no idea what a lagatto is. :-/ They must be a rare breed. :-k
  • Ash SmithAsh Smith Posts: 28Member
    edited 11 August, 2015
    From what little I know of the Lagotto Romangnolo it IS exceptionally rare in the United States. And that in Italy they're used for truffle hunting! I think they're exceptionally bright like poodles and have a strong willingness to please... but at a much higher energy level. If you think a Lagotto is in your midst I would talk to the breeder about his/her dogs. What they breed for, et all and what one could expect from a typical LagRom pup. If it sounds like something you could handle I'd go for it.
  • Bunny_PrincesseLilyCGNBunny_PrincesseLilyCGN bathurstPosts: 9,421Member ✭✭✭
    edited 12 August, 2015
    Yoshi, they are a very rare breed. Their full name is Lagotto Romagnolo There are supposedly only 500 in North America but that must be changing if I found one here in NB! They are smaller than Spoos but have similar hair. Here is the Canadian Kennel club link Annie , the exercise part scares me a bit but some of the other traits suit hubby and I better than a Spoo. I did contact the breeder and she said they were happier with a job and lots of exercise. I suspect I will be making a pest of myself with her lol I had actually considered them before finally settling on a Spoo . I had discounted them partly because they were too small and partly because I didnt think I could find one!
  • Ash SmithAsh Smith Posts: 28Member
    edited 13 August, 2015
    If you feel you can handle that energy I would look into "jobs" that s/he could do around the house! Annie after washing her out of service dog training I started doing weight pulling on her and she loves it. There are so many different jobs and such dogs can do. Agility, hunting, cadaver dogs... Since everything I've read and seen on YouTube about Lagottos is they love to please, I think they could do well in just about anything you throw at them so long as you're willing to put in the effort and the consistency it requires.
  • Mary CMary C Posts: 728Member
    edited 8 September, 2015
    I am not familiar with the Lagotto. Have you done your research to see what health problems each breed has?
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