should I get a basset hound through Craig's list?

Greg OlsonGreg Olson EaganPosts: 10Member

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  • Paul ThrasherPaul Thrasher San FranciscoPosts: 40Member
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    Sounds pretty scary to me but I guess it's the same as getting a puppy from outside a grocery store.
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    Sure! But it might be better to get a new dog through a rescue shelter.
  • Angela MooreAngela Moore New YorkPosts: 48Member
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    Basset hounds are some of my favorite dogs. Look at this little guy!
  • Teddy RheingoldsTeddy Rheingolds San FranciscoPosts: 1,743Member
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    You should be very careful. Scammer and unethical breeders post ads on craigslist. So I say no. You should find a dedicated breeder with their own website you can visit in person.
  • John VarsJohn Vars MinnetristaPosts: 1,016Member
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    You should never get a dog that you don't see with your own eyes first. If you can go to the person's home and see the dog there, you will get a good idea of how well treated the dog was and if the pet is right for you.
  • Watch DogWatch Dog San FranciscoPosts: 197Member
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    If you can go see the dog before making the decision to take the dog I don't see any problems. If, however, the dog is so far away that the only time you're going to be able to actually see the dog in person is when it is shipped to you, all sorts of warning bells should be going off. I know the picture is cute and all, but don't allow your brain to disengage because of an emotional response. Good luck with your search for that special pup! :-)
  • D DD D SaskatoonPosts: 11,740Member
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    Remember that anyone can post on Craig's List, whether legitimate or fraudulent. It is definitely a case of "buyer beware". If the dog you are looking at is in a situation where it is being rehomed, be sure to check the dog out first. Go for a good long visit, ask to see vet records, check out how it was raised and trained, maybe even take a friend along that would be willing to give an objective opinion on the condition of the dog. If you are considering purchasing a puppy, then I would definitely advise to stay away. Basset Hounds are a breed plagued with many congenital or genetic problems. A responsible breeding program can curb these issues and ensure a healthy and physically sound dog. Needless to say, responsible breeders do not advertise on places like Craig's List. Responsible breeders will have a waiting list for their pups and would never be in a situation where they resort to advertising in some public medium to get rid of surplus pups. Good luck on your decision!
  • janice floresjanice flores D.S.Posts: 1,835Member
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    There's no reason not to get a dog from Craigslist as long as you have a chance to meet the dog 1st and are able to get any history and medical information available. Lots of people post on Craigslist for a variety of reasons. I got my Chihuahua from CL and couldnt be happier. I also check CL pets every day and have ended up fostering 2 great pups that needed help. Good Luck on your search!
  • Kellie HoganKellie Hogan Posts: 10,257Member
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    I would not give ANY money first. I would see the dog first. All dog purchases can be risky no matter where you get them for all kinds of reasons. Just make sure you know what you are up against before handing over money. Good Luck! I love my basset!!!
  • Violetta MadejVioletta Madej TorontoPosts: 506Member
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    How about looking through a breed specific rescue? There are basset hound rescues in most states or larger cities for that matter. Its not exactly a rare breed. I would avoid craig's list, just because it looks like the source is just another irresponsible backyard breeder looking to make a few bucks off their poor dog by breeding it. Rescue one instead :)
  • Patti GondeckPatti Gondeck ManchacaPosts: 91Member
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    Of course, you want to see the dog first, you don't want to purchase sight unseen for the obvious reason. If all of those legimate reason check out you also have to make sure there is chemistry. That may sound strange but is there chemistry between you and the dog you want?
  • Laura GonzoLaura Gonzo GreensboroPosts: 18Member
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    I recommend getting any dog through a shelter or, even better, through a breed rescue ( is excellent). You may even be able to find an adoptable Basset here on Dogster. If not, check The advantage of a rescue is that they will know the dog really well and can tell you what his/her temperament is truly like, vouch for the dogs' health, etc. There are some excellent, responsible breeders out there, but there are a lot of bad ones. Just because a dog has papers doesn't mean squat about its health or temperament. It's best not to get a dog from a "backyard breeder" (probably what you're finding on Craigslist). Definitely don't ever ever ever buy a dog from one of those pet stores that sells them (not to be confused with stores that host aodoption events). Those come from puppy mills which are horrible for the mother dogs and not great for the pups. Good luck!!
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