is there a book available for finding out which breeds are smartest?

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  • D DD D SaskatoonPosts: 11,740Member
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    "The Intelligence of Dogs" by Stanley Coren discusses canine intelligence and proposes one list of breeds ordered from smartest to least smart. It is a very interesting book and a fun read, but remember that books are only opinions. Which dog you find the smartest will depend on how you define the word "smart". Additionally, just because a breed is listed as "the smartest" doesn't mean that each dog in that breed is equally as smart. For instance, Stanley Coren's book lists the Border Collie as being the smartest breed and the Afghan hound as being the least intelligent on terms of working and obedience intelligence. In some instances I agree with this, but I also know some Afghans that are smarter than some Border Collies, so there will always be exceptions to any "rule".
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