low fat diets for canine recovering from pancreatitis

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Westie recovering from Pancreatitis. List low fat diet foods . Vet offered a few low fat home cooking recipes. Can you list both store bought and low fat home cooked foods to try?

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    I use natural balance on my dog and it is very tasty to him. I can use the food as treats for training.
  • morgan hershbergermorgan hershberger Lynn HavenPosts: 916Member
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    The only store bought low fat foods I can think of off the top of my head are the crapy (corn filled) prescription ones from the vet (Hills I/D and Eukanuba Low Residue) and I wouldn't suggest feeding either to my dog. The recipe we use here at my house for a low fat, bland diet is 1 cup of boiled chicken (no seasoning) 1 cup of boiled white rice +/- 1 cup of cottage cheese and we feed 1 cup per 20 pounds. Hope that helps
  • Michelle BradleyMichelle Bradley CaliforniaPosts: 3,684Member
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    I know of the Science Diet ID being good for dogs recovering from pancreatitis. I would feed that to my dog as a temporary measure until I managed to find a good diet that I could keep him on long term. I wouldn't keep a dog on Science Diet permananetly, but pancreatits can be very serious. I had a dog who died from it as a result of a medication, not a fatty diet, but it is a serious condition and you need to make sure that the lower fat blander diet still has enough nutrients in it for the dog's general health, as well as allowing the pancreas to rest and regain normalcy. Good luck, hope the recovery goes smoothly and quickly!
  • Karen MordenKaren Morden Port HuronPosts: 1,174Member
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    there are some very good home cooked meals that you may be able to find online-sorry i couldn't find my list. The reason why i am writing is to always remember to add a Vitamin and mineral suppliment. Bland foods are not enough in the nutrient department. Good Luck Hope recovery is going well. Becareful this can be a very deadly disease. Karen & The Boys
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