My dog keeps eating her poop. How do i get her to stop?

Ive tried changing her food, trying to get he in the house before she eats it. But when i ley her oustide for periods at a time she eats it. Shes gotten worse since she's been in heat. Please how do i get her to stop. And will it hurt her??

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    Copraphagy is common in dogs. It is usually a sign of some sort of vitamin/mineral/essential nutrient deficiency. What kinds of foods have you tried? Usually having the pet on a premium or raw diet will do the trick. However, you may want to consider the following: 1) a good multi-vitamin supplement 2) a product like Forbid and/or 3) a "set up" Option #1 takes time. Usually on the order of 4-8 weeks. Opton #2 is something that you add to the dog's food to make its feces taste bad (I know, sounds weird, doesn't it?). You may want to couple this with the vitamin supplement til the copraphagy us controlled. Option #3 requires monitoring. Here you would put something that tastes horrible to your dog on the potentially-ingested turd (like tobasco sauce). There are normal bacteria that inhabit the lower gastrointestinal tract and these can (although very rare) cause digestive problems in dogs. When all else fails, or if you can initially, seek veterinary assistance to be sure.
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    I watched a show that told me to feed your dog pinnapples when he eats his dog food because it causes a bad taste to their poop so they wont want to eat it. i dont really know muh about what it does to the dog i just saw that show so call your vet if your dog keeps eating it!!
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