My dog bit a little boy, can anyone tell me what will happen to my dog?

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  • Karen MordenKaren Morden Port HuronPosts: 1,174Member
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    Well you need to give a bit more info then that.Where are you from,what happened,where was the dog,blah blah blah. Most of the time the dog gets put in quarentine for 14 days to make sure the dog doesn't have Rabies.After that depending on what type of dog you have the dog may be returned to you and a few restrictions may apply.You should call your local Dog control and find out this info.
  • Chris & Brian CrawfordChris & Brian Crawford Posts: 1,879Member
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    You don't really give any information about what happened, so the best you'll get here are going to be speculations. In general, if a dog bites someone and breaks the skin, the person will require medical treatment. Medical facilities are required to report dog bites to the authorities (animal control) so they can get in touch with you to provide the dog's shot records. If your dog is not current on rabies, the person bitten will have to undergo rabies treatment. At that point, your dog will be quarantined for observation and you will be fined for not keeping up on required shots. You will most likely be liable for the medical bill, and your dog now has a bite record. Depending on your location, your dog may be placed on a "dangerous dogs" database and you may have to post your property and identify your dog using a special tag/collar. If you rent or own, expect to see your insurance require you to purchase additional or cancel you.
  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    The other are completely right. Sometimes dogs will bite out of play. My German Shepherd, Cookie, used to grab my arm lightly when she was playful. She would then grab other parts of me, usually she was very careful. However, sometimes she got too rough and she would bite harder. Once, she did this with my dad and actually broke the top layer of skin. My dad understood that it was an accident, thank goodness. Your dog may also have been biting to protect himself (felt threatened) or some other reason. As the other said, give us the details.
  • Jenna JacobJenna Jacob dog parkPosts: 13Member
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    I think you should control your dog better.
  • Blair HillBlair Hill NewtonPosts: 934Member
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    It really depends on what state you live in. If it's NJ message me and I can walk you through the process and possibly help you keep your dog depending on the circumstances.
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