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Pup next door

MinPin Mommy WeisMinPin Mommy Weis Charlotte NCPosts: 263Member
My mom does not know what you do, we live in a rural area of NC and the folks who live next door had adopted a puppy from the local shelter. The puppy has been screamed at, kicked off of a neighbors porch and now has been banished to a small kennel run in the back yard of their house. The pup is maybe 10 weeks old, the people who have adopted it seemed to have forgotten about it. She now lives in the back yard with little to no human contact. Mom feels if they adopted the dog from the shelter the shelter should be called and the dog picked up. What should she do? She is willing to start a problem, take the dog and take it to a non kill shelter she works with. Can she go to jail? And how can she go about making it so they cant adopt another dog or cat. The cat was killed by the 10year old daughter when they first moved in. HELP please

Best Answers

  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
    Accepted Answer
    I'd DEFINITELY call Animal Control. Yes, I think that people can be jailed for animals abuse. If those people are like this, they shouldn't even have a pet! Hurry before the poor puppy suffers any longer! If this dog is really 10 weeks old, it will have behavior problems for the rest of it's life because 8-10 weeks is the absolute worst time to expose a puppy to scary things. If you scare a puppy at this age, it will be scared of that thing for the rest of it's life!
  • Angie AllenAngie Allen ShelbyvillePosts: 5,110Member ✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    Wow! This is one of those situations that drives you nuts! IF, and only if you know for a fact the dog is being mistreated, then yes I would call the shelter it was adopted from. Your Mom cannot go to the neighbors house and take the pup, unless the shelter agrees (?) and I am not sure about that, so you may want to check into it. But if the pup is being treated as you say I think it definitely deserves better...Good Luck!! Please keep us posted on this!
  • Mark SeymourMark Seymour MiltonPosts: 1Member
    Accepted Answer
    By all means call the local police department and either ask them who to contact or have them come and look, at least that will get the ball rolling. There is no way that the owners should have posession of that poor little angel, and yes, agreed that this could cause enough problems now, that it will be unmanagable in the future..If mom removes the dog herself there could be recourse against her, as stupid as that sounds..Some places even the animal control officers have to have the owners consent unless death is imminent...
  • Judy MurdochJudy Murdoch Northern Lower MichiganPosts: 8,717Member
    Accepted Answer
    All the previous posters are correct about following rules about helping the mistreated pup. That being said, I am thankful for the man who cared enough to "steal" my Sasha from a neighbor's backyard. She had been tied to fence all her life (nearly 2 years)in Mid Michigan weather. When a neighbor realized she'd had pups in a snowstorm, he boxed up the pups and took all to a local shelter. Apparently the owner didn't care enough complain. Maybe he didn't want to admit he'd neglected an aninmal that badly. A wonderful rescue group took them out. When the pups were old enough, I fell for the mother's brown eyes on Petfinder. The rest is history. Do what you have to do legally, but be persistent. These people do not deserve to be ruining a dog's life.
  • nicole colonnicole colon Elmwood ParkPosts: 36Member
    Accepted Answer
    From a person who works in a rescue shelter. Call the shelter, tell them about what you have observed. Take pictures immediately to provide as evidence. This dog is still young enough to be a loving animal, but the longer it is out there without socialization, the harder it will be. If I were you I would be back there tonight taking the pup myself...but that is just me. The shelter may tell you to contact your local humane society, which has the ability to "blacklist" people from adopting in the future. Please do something right away and tell us what happens.
  • Michelle BradleyMichelle Bradley CaliforniaPosts: 3,684Member
    Accepted Answer
    Absolutely call that shelter, as well as animal welfare or animal control. I don't think there's really any chance that you can be charged with anything if you proceed in the right way. Based on the treatment of the puppy, plus the cat being killed, there should be enough evidence to make sure that the shelters in the area never adopt to this family, again.
  • Karen MordenKaren Morden Port HuronPosts: 1,174Member
    Accepted Answer
    Well there are several things that you could do.Do you want to know what I would do or the correct thing to do.I might add some of both.No one knows how things will turn out with this pup unless you know the owner.I have ways of getting info from people and they don't even realize it.I would ask the owner if they would like to sell the pup,because your family have been looking for a pup that looks just like that one.If she says yes there you go,If she says no then you can offer to buy a bag of food for the pup and maybe choose to help educate the owners,sorta become their friends(but not)Offer to pickup some food and other things that pup may need and try to answer some of their issues they may be having such as housetraining.or chewing.Please don't forget to take picture or videos of what is going on.If you don't get anywhere by being nice then get your local shelter involved.Please keep us informed on this one.Feel free to contact me for help.I will go over and take that pup no quest
  • Natalie RawlingsNatalie Rawlings pittsburghPosts: 127Member
    Accepted Answer
    all i can say is call your shelter or animal control
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