Dog eating dog poop?

Christine AustmanChristine Austman Saskatoon/S'ToonPosts: 3Member
Help, my friend won't stop eating poop. She is a bischon-shi tzu cross, about 2 and a half years old. She will go and eat her own poop and my poop and our other doggy friend's poop.

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  • FunLovingFamilyFLFFunLovingFamilyFLF Posts: 12,808Member ✭✭✭
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    For cryin' out loud!! BOL We once babysitted two lil' Shih Tzu girls! Cutest woofs ever and easy to handles!! They pooed and eated it right on the spot! We never hadda cleans up after em! Their mama had us puttin' that Forbid stuff on their food at every meal and they LOVED it like candy! I don't know what ever happened but you sure gots my sympathies!! Love Suzy
  • Michelle BradleyMichelle Bradley CaliforniaPosts: 3,684Member
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    First, the easiest way to avoid this behavior is to pick up the feces as soon as it comes out. :-) As for why it is happening, this is usually a result of a poor diet. Dogs who don't get enough nutrients in their food often tend to eat their own feces. The reason is that the food is not staying in the system long enough and when it emerges, it is basically undigested and to the dog, it seems like his food all over again. Add to that the fact that the dog is starved for nutrients, and...well, you have a very unpleasant behavior! Upgrading the food brand usually helps this problem. They also sell chemicals which you can put in the dog's food which deter them from eating their own poop. But, I think that just stops the symptom, but not the real problem. If it persists, a vet visit and physical could be in order just to make sure nothing is physically wrong.
  • Rita BRita B Posts: 1Member
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    Adding pineapple to her food will make her poo taste awful. As for the other's tasting good, teaching her the "Off" command with the right food reward will hopefully help curb her appetite :)
  • Laurie CallisLaurie Callis Posts: 507Member
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    Well....we have this problem at our house and have tried everything to stop it. From the pineapple myth to the Forbid/Deter on their food. I've read up on it a little and found that there are a few different reasons on why they believe dogs do this but no conclusive answer. Some say it's the lack of nutrients, others say they are cleaning up their area, again others do it because they're bored or lonely, and then the reason that dogs just simply like the taste of poop. Like the previous post said, the only real way to get them to stop is to clean up after them immediately.
  • Linda SteiffLinda Steiff Myrtle BeachPosts: 6Member
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    Just as in the other answers, I heard its due to lack of nutrient absorption in the digestive track. Their poo comes out smelling like food, at least so I've heard. Maybe certain breeds eat their own poo, just like other animals. She seems a bit obsessed with this behavior since she is eating everyone's besides hers. You could always try, Nutro (Nature's Choice) dog food. I found that to be the best in the digestive tract.
  • Jennifer PruettJennifer Pruett Pearland/Pasadena/HoustonPosts: 1Member
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    Hi, I have been in Dog Rescue for the last 4 years. The first time I got in a dog that did this, it was a street puppy 4 mos old. The vet gave me the same story you see in other answers....poor nutrition. But even if their nutrition is improved it may have become a habit. And it is difficult to pick it up if you are not around when they poop. There is medication from the vet you can get, but our Rescue vets recommended using cheap Meat Tenderizer from the grocery store. Sprinkle it on the food like you are salting it. Won't hurt them a bit but it will make their stool gritty and unpleasant to eat. Works the same way as the expensive vet medication. I have used it many times and it works like a charm. It usually takes a few weeks, but they did stop eating it. You should still try to pick it up when you are around. No sense tempting them. For multiple dogs you will have to put it on EVERYONES food.
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