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les drunkles drunk tucsonPosts: 6Member
how can i get my husky to stop pulling so much? i heard when they start pulling to turn around and go the other way. but when i walk with my husband and motherin law they keep walking so when i turn around she doesnt pull any more so when do i turn back around or are there any other ways to get her to stop pulling. i tried the gentle leader the one that goes around the nose which worked wonders but she kept getting out of and i tried the gentle leader harness which doesnt work as well.

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  • Madeline LinckMadeline Linck Zachary/ SlaughterPosts: 698Member
    Accepted Answer
    You need seprerate place to train not on you regular walks. Do it in your back yard or do it on the side walk but just by yourself. You need to do it by yourself so she is paying attention to you and you only.
  • Bella CrumBella Crum ChicagoPosts: 2,380Member
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    I would say use the gentle leader, and hot glue it so she can`t get out of it. Use the soft jerk technique, it works for me. Sorry Duke isin`t typing, but he is asleep and he hasn`t been on for 3 days and needs to check up, so I did it for him, bol! I wov, wov, wov the gentle leader!!!!!!! Totally pawsome all the time! Oh, and I woud just go alone on walks, with no one else with you. I would just stop, that is also what I do. I give a soft jerk, and then stop. It shows the dog that you are boss. The pack leader. You might also want to read some Cesar Millan books. He is also know as the dog whisperer. I like him. His theroy is to be calm and assertive. I hope that I could be of help, and if you have ANY questions, ANY at all, me and Duke will be more than happy to help! Wanna be paw pals?
  • David GriceDavid Grice jamestownPosts: 2Member
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    The best thing to do is get your dog tired first. What I have been doing with my dog is hooking him up to my bike with a leash around the seat. Put a shoulder harness on him and cruise around till there tired out, distance depends on the dog. Huskys can go the distance. Once that pent up energy is gone try the gentle leader. start off slow, in or around the house first. Also look into clicker training.
  • Young ThorntonYoung Thornton PhoenixPosts: 308Member
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    You could also try bringing a few treats with you on the walks and let her know you have some, so she will pay attention to you rather than everything else. I have 2 dogs, one large and one puppy and it helped our situation.
  • catherine singelsethercatherine singelsether Posts: 13Member
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    use a choker. you can buy one with flat links it won't catch on the fur. any large dog like this is willful and strong-minded, they like to be in charge. whenever your dog pulls, gently pull it back. give them cues so they learn. if they know you are in control, they'll stop and follow your lead. they're not stupid, they just like to have their own way. prong collars seem dangerous to me, I wouldn't like to use it. walk your dog on a short lead, so it can walk beside you. any product like a choker or gentle leader, doesn't work on its own. you have to TRAIN the dog to respond to it. a professional trainer can help you with this.
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