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My 5month old german sheperd likes to eat his poop, How do I stop him from doing so. I feed him Canidae and I feed him 3x a day. I even give him food supplements prescribed by the vet. I tried Forbid but it doesn't work. I heard that putting pumpkin and pineapple might solve the problem but I have only tried the pumpkin, doesn't work either (haven't tried pineapple because I'm not sure how much to give pup). He still makes poopy accidents inside the house and thats where he eats it. I immediately clean his poop whenever I see it and he doesn't eat it when people are around. But he always eats it when no body is around because I scold him when I see him eat poop (sneaky little pup). How do I stop him from eating it?

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  • Michelle BradleyMichelle Bradley CaliforniaPosts: 3,684Member
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    Most of the time, dogs do this because they aren't getting enough nutrients from their food and it passes through so undigested that (at least to them) it seems like, "Great! Food all over again!" ICK. BUT, you're feeding a great, high quality brand. In most cases, the type of food is the culprit, but certain that Canidae is a good brand and should digest slowly. Some questions I'd have: What kind of supplements did the vet give you? When exactly did he start doing this? Does he drink a lot of water? Obviously, if he's still having accidents in the house when you're not around, he'll eat it. But, when he goes outside, make sure you pick it up immediately so there's no chance to get into it. Ask your vet about the pineapple idea. Pineapple has a lot of enzymes that can be potentially irritating to the tummy if you give too much. But, I've heard it works for a lot of dogs. I just don't know how much is safe.
  • Teresa LandTeresa Land OttawaPosts: 12Member
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    Dogs will eat their own poop because they want to clean up after themselves. In the wild, they would do this inside their den. This is according to Cesar Millan "The Dog Whisperer".
  • Kathleen DonovanKathleen Donovan Posts: 4,178Member
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    What are the supplements you are giving him? Buy canned pineapple thats cut into chunks. Give pup one or two chunks agter each meal. It is suppose to work. Or try adding garlic to pups food. You can also ask your vet about Science diet Pet ID food. I put my pup on it and he stopped eating poop the very next day.
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