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My pug Bailey passed on nine months ago, at times I still break down, I miss him terribly. Any sugge

 Posts: 2Member
Bailey was only 7 1/2 years old. I still feel guilty because I did not have the money for expensive testing, and the vet did not give me that much hope. She also was not clear on what was wrong with him, first it was vestibular disease, then the final day he was lethargic and sneezing (bunch of mucus coming out of his nose). After a chest x-ray, she saw spots on his lungs and thought that it might be cancerous (pneumonia?) but she was not sure. She also said it could of been a brain tumor due to his not being able to walk anymore. I would like to get a copy of his records, but I don't know if this is possible or if I'm just torturing myself.

Best Answers

  • JULIE REYNOLDSJULIE REYNOLDS St. LouisPosts: 10,984Member
    Accepted Answer
    I think you are entitled to his records but I also think you would be just torturing yourself. I know how you feel though. Sometimes I think I should have done more for Angel, but deep down I know it won't change anything. I'm so sorry for your loss. It may help to join us on Dogster. It has helped tremendously to keep Angel's page up...she is still active in groups, and I write in her diary, so I feel like she is still with me in some way. Just something to think about. :) Hugs to you.
  • Judy MurdochJudy Murdoch Northern Lower MichiganPosts: 8,717Member
    Accepted Answer
    I have put down 2 dogs in 2 years and I will never get over it. But I am a glutton for punishment, so I have started over. I buried my heart with the first one, just to have it happen all over again. I miss both of them everyday, but that is no reason that Lily should have been left in a kill shelter. You gave your Bailey your love & took care of him to the end. You have nothing to feel bad about. As hard as it is to do what needs to be done, it would be worse to keep a dog alive whose quality of life is no longer what he or she wants. I will not have an animal suffer for my benefit. There is no reason to have the records. You gave him the best life & the best care you could. You saved him months of the torture of testing and treatment. Have you made a picture album of his life? That was very therapeutic for me. I also planted a perennial plant and hung an angel wind chime for each of my furgirls. Bailey is happy at the bridge with Mia & Sasha. Be at peace with that thought.
  • Michelle BradleyMichelle Bradley CaliforniaPosts: 3,684Member
    Accepted Answer
    First, I'm so sorry for your tragic loss. I lost a beloved dog about three years ago under similar circumstances. It was awful. Not the way any owner wants their dog to leave this world. I still cry sometimes when I think of what he went through, how I lost him and also how much I really miss him. I don't think it is torturing yourself to find out as much as you can about what really happened to Bailey. On the one hand, if you suspect your vet of any kind of incompetence or negligence, then getting to the bottom of it may help you feel able to move on while still doing something for him, even though he's gone. On the other hand, you may have to relive painful memories which keep you from moving on from the pain you are in. Only you can decide what is really best for you. One thing: You're not "leaving him behind" or "doing his memory a disservice" by moving past the pain of this situation. Bailey would want you to be happy and remember only the love you two shared.
  • Maria KubikMaria Kubik MinneapolisPosts: 23Member
    Accepted Answer
    I know how you feel toby had to be put down a few years ago and I didnt have the money we knew what was wrong with him but he still seemed happy but I made the descion to put him down because the surgergy he needed would make him lose his lower jar and have to be fed through a tube . If your dog had a good connection to you he is still there. they never leave you just watch from afar I read a poem called the rainbow and that seemed to really help me. I did get a copy of tobys records It does help sometimes when you really want to know just take out a med book and read the records it doesnt make you a doc it just helps sometimes I hope this helf you . its been almost three years and i still cry everyday over that dog
  • Teri WilbanksTeri Wilbanks League CityPosts: 82Member
    Accepted Answer
    So sorry for your loss. We have such a short time with our favorite fur friends because of their short life spans. Have you considered getting another dog? We did 10 months after our Asussie passed away and we were distraught as well. I found some other ideas at this site that you might want to look at.
  • Accepted Answer
    If you've shared your heart and home with a dog, you will no doubt feel a great sense of loss and sorrow when you lose her. No matter how old your dog was, how many years you had together, or how expected her death, the grief can be overwhelming. here's what you can do:
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