Can the management company for our community make me get rid of my pets that I have had there for fo

My family moved into a manufactured home community four years ago at which time the management allowed my dogs as long as they were kept indoors and did not pose a problem to my neighbors, this week they sent out a letter asking that each pet be registered in their office, which I do not have a problem with, but now they are saying each home is limited to one pet, do they have the right to ask me to get rid of my pets that are like my children? I have my home up for sale so that I can move and keep them all.I spoke to other residents that have more than one pet and refuse to get rid of their pets as well. Anyone that can help us save our pets please respond, thanks.

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    were all your dogs mentioned in the original contract. if they were then, im no lawyer, but i would imagine that they are breaking there own contract. i would fight it. nobody would ever tell me i have to give up my animals. why don't you seek legal advice. some will give free consultation.
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    If it was in a contract before, by the way you say you own the home (if you own the home, how can they tell you to give up the dogs, if it's your property) Now if it's thier property they need to respect that you've had these dogs for years and they were allowed to live there. I'm not a lawyer, but I don't think they can do that. But hey at my friends apartments they had a policy that they changed (when new management came in)and they didn't tell anyone. (it used to be one fee for 2 pets and now it 2 seperate fees per pet, plus monthly pet rent) I think pet rent is rediculous by the way, you already pay an outrageous deposit. But what I'm saying is some management companies can be real sneaky when they come in about changing things, sometimes they don't even tell you and then can get you on it because they say you should have checked the website (it has happened to someone I know) But I might contact my legal advisor if I were you, maybe even have him send a letter. might help
  • Rebecca HarrisonRebecca Harrison BradentonPosts: 896Member
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    I would definitely fight this legally. The management company may be able to change the rules-but it should allow people who already live there to keep their pets and the rules should be for anyone new who moves in to the complex. Do you have a copy of the rules when you first moved in? That would be helpful to show that the company is trying to change the rules now. And try to get your neighbors who have pets involved with you to fight the new rule. It always helps to have other people to back you up. Good Luck!
  • Sandra PerrySandra Perry MemphisPosts: 1,425Member
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    Without knowing where you're located or what you signed initially, I'd say that most of the time when a rule changes, residents who came to live there before the change are usually "grandfathered" and the rule only applies to new residents. Have you discussed this with management as it specifically relates to your situation? I would start there and if necessary, you and the other residents might want to consider going in together to get some legal counsel.
  • Julianne ScottJulianne Scott Virginia Beach, VAPosts: 4Member
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    You and your neighbors may want to seek the counsel of a real estate attorney. It would seem to me that there should be a "grandfather" clause in the contract that addresses preexisting circumstances. If that is not possible then write a letter to your city counsel or whatever city government you have where you live. This management company may be trying to do something that they cannot do but if no one challenges it they will get away with it. Good luck! A fight for our babies is worth it!
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