how to get my dog to walk on leash

Joshua GilmoreJoshua Gilmore ToccoaPosts: 12Member
well my lab i just got wont walk on a leash and i am worried that while trying to get her to go outside physically hearing the other dogs barking scares her because before we get outside she runs back to the room cowering. is there anything i can do to boost her confidence and get her to walk on a leash outside?

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  • Karen VigilKaren Vigil RenoPosts: 1,251Member
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    You need to work on her confidence and make her feel more secure before she will feel safe to walk on a leash. You should not soothe her with words like, oh you poor girl, and its ok, this will only reinforce this behavior. If you ignore her insecurity and praise her when she sniffs new things or is acting confident she will come out of her shell faster. You don't mention if she is afraid of humans but if you have people over, tell them to kneel down to give her treats or pet her when she approaches them, leaning over a dog can be intimidating to them. Enrolling her in an obedience class is probably a good idea. She may be too timid to learn much but the exposure is worth the money and a good trainer will have some pointers for you. Good Luck with Big Mamma, she's beautiful.
  • Sandra PerrySandra Perry MemphisPosts: 1,425Member
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    I would definitely invest in a good obedience class. That will help Big Mama get some confidence and it will help you to help her. Sometimes we think we're being helpful, when in actuality we're perpetuating the behavior. It'll take some time, but with some persistence and training, Big Mama will be a leash-walking pro! She's beautiful by the way!
  • Judy MurdochJudy Murdoch Northern Lower MichiganPosts: 8,717Member
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    Makia gave you excellent advice. We can say 'Poor Big Mama', but to her you say, "You lucky girl. You have a home where you are loved now & you'd better appreciate it." Can you tell I have had a similar situation? Sasha was tied to a fence for 2 years in Mich weather with no shelter. She was 34 pounds & had 5 huge pups. Have you considered changing her name to suit her new life? An obedience class is a great confidence builder. It will help her bond to you & give her some one on one time with you that doesn't involve the other dogs in your household. Speaking of which, is there any way you can limit her exposure to them all together? Let her form friedships with them one at a time. It sounds like her recent life has been overwhelming for her. Lily came from a shelter last July cowering in the corner. She has progressed at a fantastic rate, once we broke the shell. We immediately went to an obedience class. I expect her to act like a normal dog. No "Poor Lily". Good luck!!
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