If it's not registered as a pit bull, can you still get fined?

When we got my puppy no one really knew what she was. The older she's gotten, the more we've come to the conclusion that she's a pit bull cross. She is registered as a terrier mix to the city. At the pound they don't seem to support the BSL at all. They openly told us that they register most pits they get as lab crosses. We are supposed to muzzle and leash at all times when in public with her, but she despises anything on her nose. She still always tries to get her halti off. My question is; although she looks like a pit bull at times, but isn't registered as one, can we be fined for not following the BSL?

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  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    The Terrier list might concern them since Pit Bulls are Terrier. I'm sorry that you live in such BSL city. Try to get her used to wearing things on her head though. Reward her for keeping them on.
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    It really depends on wear you are and I'm not sure what the laws are where you are. I would imagine though if your dog did bite someone and it looks enough like a pit bull, you could get in trouble. They would probably pull something like you should have known, that garbage. But since she is registered as a terrier mix you might be okay, after all you didn't know that she wasn't. And as far as they need to know you still don't, she just resembles on at times. Just be careful who all you come in contact with, people like to yell pit bull at the drop of a hat. I know people who have purebreds that aren't even terrier breeds and their dogs have been called pit bulls for one reason or another. I guarentee if a dog acts agressively at all, someone will call it a pit bull. I'm not saying your dog is agressive, I'm just making a point that people sometimes don't know what they are talking about. Like I said its iffy but with terrier mix you should be fine.
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