I take my dog for a walk and have a easy walk harness on her. She is 4 months old. She wants to ch

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  • Sandra PerrySandra Perry MemphisPosts: 1,425Member
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    Your question got cut off, but it sounds like you have a car chaser. Miss Buddie is a car chaser when we're on walks. What has worked for us is teaching her the "look" command. Basically, while we're walking, I tell her to "look" at me. I do it at random times during our walk and when she does it the first time I ask, she gets a cookie. So when I see a car coming, I get her attention by asking her to "look" which breaks her fixation on the car. It takes some time, but this is a good age to teach new behaviors. Good luck!
  • Erin DeVeberErin DeVeber London / UWO areaPosts: 373Member
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    What type of dog do you have? If it is a very small (toy) breed, then I understand your desire to use a harness, but if she is larger, a collar really is the best way to go. Harnesses merely encourage pulling because they allow the dog to pull without any discomfort (like a sled dog). You might want to try walking her with a collar instead. Make sure it if positioned high on her neck, just below her ears, because that is where it will be most effective. Then give it a quick jerk when she starts to pull, and stop walking until she pays attention to you instead of the car. Good luck!
  • Kimberly MarineKimberly Marine Posts: 23Member
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    Purchase a Halti from a pet store- it goes around their nose and necks to prevent pulling, hold the lesh with minimal slack when you are walking and don't let the dog walk in front of you. When a car comes by and she tries to pull say "no," and give a little tug on the collar just enough to be slightly uncomfortable. Repeat until it works, takes consistency consistency consistency. Get near a fairly busy street to evoke the behavior time and time again until she associates your tugs and "no" with the car so that she does not lunge towards the cars anymmore otherwise she will eventually loose against the car tires. Good luck, K
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