My 14 week old long haired chihuahua does not like wearing a leash that was just introduced to her,

Zunie GarciaZunie Garcia Corpus ChristiPosts: 1Member
My dog Zunie does will not walk around with the leash on, she tried biting it at first, now she just stands there (knowing the leash is on) she will not walk with it. She is used to running around our yard freely, but she sometimes wanders off. She just doesnt seem to like the idea of the leash at all, any help would be appreciated!

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  • Judy MurdochJudy Murdoch Northern Lower MichiganPosts: 8,717Member
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    Leave it on in the house as long as you are where you can see her. She will learn to ignore it if she wants to move. I just put the harness on the cat for the first time yesterday. First she crouched down, then she stretched out like she was dead. In a few minutes she was walking OK, just a little close to the ground.
  • ♥MaKayla♥ M-----♥MaKayla♥ M----- MissouriPosts: 324Member
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    I agree with Lily! It will work Sadie and Bella did the same thing. NOTE: Long haired chihuahua's are so CUTE my friend has one, i was goin to get ne but could not find one so i got Sadie! LOL. I LOVE her so much tho! She is part long hair and part short hair...She has so much LONG hair on her neck, her daddy was a long haired one and her mommy was short! I LOVE sadie and bella the way they are, but shorts are cute...JUST to let you know lol....have a GREAT night!
  • Charlotte VenableCharlotte Venable SpringdalePosts: 2,450Member
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    Try getting her to walk on the leash using small treats as a reward. Give her a treat after she takes a few steps on her own. At first, you may have to treat her for each step but you can gradually increase the distance between treats over time. She should start walking on it because she wants to, thinking she's going to get a treat. We still take treats with us on walks, just to re-inforce good leash behavior. If possible, look into a puppy kindergarten class or beginning obedience - both should cover leash training. Good luck!
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