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How do i know if i have a german shepherd or a belgian malinois?

 Posts: 1Member
He has the pointed ears,He's 9wkz old, long tail,and he's black and tan,and has a white tip on his tail.He looks like a german shepherd but it's hard2 determine.I've seen lots of pictures but am not sure.It's really starting to bug me out lol How can i know the difference?

Best Answers

  • Tracy SauerbaumTracy Sauerbaum SouthamptonPosts: 13,783Member
    Accepted Answer
    Belgian Malinois don't have the characteristic black "saddle" on the back that a GSD has. They are also slightly smaller and lighter than a GSD. Have you looked up any Malinois sites to see if he resembles the breed? If all else fails, ask your vet for his opinion. :)
  • Christine VChristine V New EnglandPosts: 7,242Member
    Accepted Answer
    You probably won't be able to until it's a bit older. Odds are if it didn't come directly from a breeder, it's a German Shepard. There just aren't very many Malinois out there making puppies, let alone purebred puppies.
  • Chris & Brian CrawfordChris & Brian Crawford Posts: 1,879Member
    Accepted Answer
    Where did you get the puppy? If the puppy came from a breeder - responsible or a backyard breeder - they should be able to tell you who both your puppy's parents are. If the puppy came from someone who had an accidental litter, they should at least be able to tell you what breed the mother was. And if you got the pup from a shelter or rescue that may not know anything about his background, it's really anyone's guess until your pup gets older. It's extremely difficult to tell what young pups of unknown heritage are until they are grown. In an adult dog, you can tell by the build, structure, and coloring what breeds are very likely in your dog. You may need to wait until he is older. re: poster Kansas above, not all German Shepherds have black saddles!
  • Amy GleckAmy Gleck Posts: 13Member
    Accepted Answer
    Does your dog have a saddle? (Black on his back that looks like saddle) Then hes a German Shepherd! Much luck!
  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
    Accepted Answer
    Belgian Malenois are more "square" looking than German Shepherds. Not all GSD's have a black "saddle", though most of them seem to to. There are GSDs that are all white, there are GSDs that are all black, there are GSDs that are sable (think of a brindlish pattern, my uncle has a sable GSD, see "India" in my dog Cookie's family to see her), but I've never heard of a GSD that's completely, or even mostly, tan like most of the Malenois you see. Maybe this article will be helpful: Abby K-9 has the best answer here.
  • Jacinta LooJacinta Loo BrooklynPosts: 4,397Member
    Accepted Answer
    Mallies tend to have snipier noses as well. Their body shapes tend to be the big giveaway. Mals are sq - height to their shoulder is the same as the length of the back. Mallies are very slender and lighter. If you put a GSD next to a Mallie, you'll see that the Mals are finer boned. I've also noticed that their gait tends to be lighter and quicker than the powerful loping style of the GSD. I have a bel mal mix, and I think she's mixed with GSD - her head isn't as fine boned as her Mal friend, and her gait is closer to the GSD style, but her bodyframe is standard Mal.
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