What should I do about this??

Tina FurlotteTina Furlotte TorontoPosts: 1,273Member ✭✭
I have a neighbor who has two male dogs and we walk our dogs togher daily. BUT the past few days she has been letting her dogs off their leashes in areas that have signs posted not to do this (schools and Parks). And to make it worse both times her dogs ran after a person barking like mad the whole time . All she does is walk very so slowly to get them back yelling "don't worry they wont bite" at the poor people. I am embarrassed and mad as has no common sense she knows she is not allowed to do this. She even tried to convince me to let my two dogs off to join her two, i told her NO that they could take off and that its a by-law, she just says its OK I never get caught. I feel like calling the by-law people on her as she just don't get it and I don't want to walk with her in case some thing does happen one day. What should I do or say to her , any advice would be great. Tina

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  • Nikki BadmanNikki Badman Posts: 4Member
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    People will handle situations differently. I, personally, would tell the truth. I'd say that letting them off-leash in a place like that is not safe and I don't condone it.
  • Karen VigilKaren Vigil RenoPosts: 1,251Member
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    I agree with Poco you need to be honest and tell her you're very uncomfortable with what she's doing and you won't be able to walk with her if she keeps it up. You sound very responsible and your neighbor is putting her dogs in danger as well as the people the dogs are barking at, things could get ugly in the wrong situation.
  • Carol BentleyCarol Bentley Rough and ReadyPosts: 6Member
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    This is just an opinion but I would tell the person you are not going to walk with her any longer unless she abides by the law and leaves the dogs on leash. There are too many factors where the dogs might misunderstand a child for instance as prey and they chase the child and bite it because they will be afraid. There are so many other things that can go wrong. I would call the dog enforcement people and ask for their feedback according to the laws. The other thing is do not let your dogs off the leash with hers. If one dog starts chasing something and get into trouble the pack mentality generally has all the free dogs doing the same thing. Good luck. Carol
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    I feel your pain on this one--my neighbor also says "she won't hurt you," as her dog is barking/lunging/growling, off leash, at myself and my two young children (3&7). I understand it is difficult to tell a friend, and apparently a hard-headed one, what's on your mind. However, it needs to be done. Leave the law out of it for now, and simply tell her that you will not walk with her unless her dogs remain on leash because a) dogs are unpredictable, and even if they don't bite someone, they could frighten/knock down a child or elderly person, and b) it's just plain embarassing. Tell her if she wants to let her dogs run, you'd be more than happy to go with her to a dog park, or secluded natural area where dogs are permitted offleash (check with your county or state for dog friendly parks). But to keep them onleash for regular walks.
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