How can you start a sodg walking thing?

Me and my friend are 14 and 15 years old, and want to start walking peopes dogs. How can we, get the word out that we'd liek to, legally of course? We're only 15 years old, and around where we both live, which is relatively close, many people have dogs and animals. How could I start something? Are you allowed to just walk door to door handing out papers and information to people? -Please don't give me a website with a guide to pet sitting. Those don't answer my specific answers, they're all for adults starting businesses and who can buy permits and stuff.-

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  • Judy MurdochJudy Murdoch Northern Lower MichiganPosts: 8,717Member
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    If you live in a city, you might want to call to see if there are any restrictions. Otherwise, just make up a nice poster and hand it out. There may be places you can post around your area, too. A teenager has a sign at our mailboxes, but she didn't list a price, just the available hours. Are you prepared to deal with difficult dogs and dog aggressive dogs? What about the children who run up to the dog without asking? Think about those things. Please have an adult check your spelling. Your question is very hard to read because of the spelling and grammatical errors. That does not make for good advertising. Good luck!
  • Chris & Brian CrawfordChris & Brian Crawford Posts: 1,879Member
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    You could put up fliers on community bulletin boards in your area. Where I live, the grocery store and some of the pet and feed stores all have bulletin boards where people can put up fliers and business cards for their services, things for sale, etc. You may have a difficult time finding people who want you to walk their dogs for them, because most people are looking for someone who does this professionally and is insured and bonded, so that they have recourse should something happen to their pets while they are in the care of the dog walker. As you would be offering your services without being insured / bonded, you may want to sit down with your parents to work out a proper contract that spells out who is responsible should their dogs bite you or should their dogs become injured in their care. You would also need your parents present when signing this contract, as you are too young to enter into a contract by yourself.
  • Ronda CornellRonda Cornell salemPosts: 37Member
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    Where we used to live a young girl about 14 started walking peoples dogs and dog sitting for them...We paid her to walk ours and take her out when we went on day trips..She made more money then her sister who babysitted..She just made up fliers and handed them out..Alot of people dont like there dogs stuck in the house all day while they work...Good luck..
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