i asked about breeding a maltese and got hate mail. research is what i'm trying to do so i can do t

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i have a well breed dog has been to the vets, akc registered. is being a breeder something that only a few people in the world is qualified to do or what?

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  • Tena ParkerTena Parker PittsburghPosts: 3,333Member
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    You shouldn't be getting your answers from Dogster. You should be talking to your local breed club and finding a REPUTABLE breeder to apprentice under before you even BEGIN to think about breeding your dog (so yes, there are very few people who are appropriately educated enough to breed dogs [compared to the number of people irresponsibly breeding]). Has your dog won any titles in the show ring? if not, how do you know it's "well bred" (being AKC doesn't mean a dog is well bred at all). your dog should better the breed toward the breed standard and to prove it, be titled in the show ring (or do the job it was bred to do exceptionally---which maltese's do not have). Taking your dog to the vet regularly does NOT mean it is healthy enough to breed. There many series of structural tests to look at (x-rays, etc) and genetic disease/disorders to check for (many blood tests). I dont' know a vet who will health certify a dog before 2. Contact your breed club for REAL answers.
  • Carissa MaleckiCarissa Malecki Posts: 7,383Member
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    Yes. Too many dogs dying for Average Joe A to be randomly breeding their dogs and making more. What health certifications does your dog have? What were the results? "Clean bill of health" from a vet does not mean your dog has had CERF, OFA, so on done. These are things you should already be fully and totally aware of if you are planning to breed. Secondly, what is your dog titled in? Who has judged your dog as an outstanding example of his/her breed? Any conformation, rally, etc. titles? Anything? Just being AKC registered doesn't mean a whole lot - puppy mill dogs are usually AKC registered too and they are nowhere near breeding stock material. Breeding is expensive, a lot can go wrong. You want your dog to NOT pass health issues down the line, etc. There are enough people out there doing it the wrong way and hurting the breeds they "love" - don't be one of them. If you are REALLY serious get in touch with your local breed club and find a mentor - it takes years to do it right.
  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    Vet check is good. AKC registration isn't really that important. The registration that is important is with the Maltese breed club. You didn't mention whether your Maltese has been OFA/CERF tested yet. OFA/CERF are both very important tests and the least that should be done before breeding. Next, are you ready. You have to able to remain calm in emergencies (imagine trying to help a dog who is giving birth and is having complications). Also, why do you want to breed? The only right reason to breed is to keep the breed healthy. Also, you need several year's worth of extensive research and some experience with a good mentor who has been breeding for at least 10 years. On my website (cookiemiller.tripod.com) you'll find a page with links. I have links on there for those who want to breed their dog. You can start your research there.
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    AKC registered is in NO way declaration of the quality of the dogs health, temperament or conformation...It only mean the AKC acknowledges the dog has a pedigree & that it exists. Being checked by a vet isn't enough in evaluating genetic health issues that can be passed to the pups. Puppy mill & pet shop dogs are likely AKC registered & vet checked & that doesn't mean squat! The only reason dogs should ever be bred is by a knowledgeable breeder who puts some kind of title on their dog, has health certs, ofa's, & has studied lines & pedigrees extensively...& only to better the breed. AKC registered dogs are a dime & dozen & die in shelters everyday because of irresponsible breeding & irresponsible owners.
  • samantha jacosamantha jaco Posts: 16Member
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    noone in here is trying to be hatful but there is so much more to breeding than just have 2 dogs akc registered no only having all the other checks done its hard at very time consuming and most only see the money in it but its not all that great you should do it for the love of the breed and make sure you bettering it not just seeing how much money your going to make at it and heres a site you may like to see http://www.la-spca.org/prevention/cruelty_graphics.htm
  • Whitney LWhitney L AustinPosts: 674Member
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    One of my favorite quotes in regard to AKC papers is "The papers don't make the dog; the dog makes the papers." It's not hard to get a dog registered through any kennel club. What matters for the purpose of breeding is the quality of the dog's conformation, structure, and genetics.
  • Jeremy SmithJeremy Smith Posts: 1Member
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    All breeders are evil they are comparable to the RIAA or the MPAA. The will lash out at anyone that tries to cut in to there profits. They also have brainwashed the dog community into thinking that breeding your self is dangerous and wrong. Dogs have been breeding the thousands of years amazingly without the help of the breeder Nazis. I say go for it and tell the naysayers were to go!
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