Are mini pinschers good with cats

I have a 2year old mini pin and I just got a cat, are they compatible

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  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    Depends. If the dog was exposed to cats at an early age with a positive experience(s), probably. If not, they will have to introduced very slowly to see the reaction.
  • Catherine PippinCatherine Pippin roanokePosts: 406Member
    Accepted Answer
    We have 2 cats than got 2 MinPins. One cat is in love with the female MinPin and the old grumpy cat just tolerates them. Iv heard terriors are the brees that doesnt like cats. No prob here!
  • Jennifer Rasp-VaughnJennifer Rasp-Vaughn Posts: 3Member
    Accepted Answer
    We (me and my "mom" Valentine) hated that darn cat that we lived with. But, bless her heart, now we miss her swatting us on the butt with her nails.
  • Kristyn LuksKristyn Luks Posts: 32,266Member
    Accepted Answer
    Well if you just got the cat, you should be able to see if they get along or not. it really all depends if you have socialized the dog when he/she was a puppy. if you adopted when he/she was an adult dog, the place you him/her from should've told you if he would do good around other animals.


  • tazebeartazebear Posts: 3Member
    My Min Pin and the Siamese cat (both female ) are great together every once in a while they bat at  each other just like any brother and sister
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