How much should a Border Collie weigh when fully grown?

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  • Christine VChristine V New EnglandPosts: 7,242Member
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    From "The height at the withers varies from 19" to 22" for males, 18" to 21" for females. The body, from prosternum to point of buttocks, is slightly longer than the height at the withers with the length to height ratio being approximately 10:9. Bone must be strong, medium being correct but lighter bone is preferred over heavy. Overall balance between height, length, weight and bone is crucial and is more important than any absolute measurement. Dogs must be presented in hard working condition. Excess body weight is not to be mistaken for muscle or substance. Any single feature of size appearing out of proportion should be considered a fault." That said, I've seen BCs that weigh less than 20 lbs. Most seem to be in the 40 - 50 lb range, though.
  • Chris & Brian CrawfordChris & Brian Crawford Posts: 1,879Member
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    On average, a fully grown Border Collie will be somwhere between 25 and 45 lbs in weight. Dogs can be lighter or heavier than this, depending on how closely they adhere to the breed standard and how active they are. Dogs that are on the small end of the breed standard in height are usually lighter, while dogs that are on the high end, or over the breed standard, will be heavier. Overweight dogs will, obviously, go above the weight averages.
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