why my pet eat his poops?

stone stays only inside the house, he dont want to / never go out unless we go to mall or salon for monthly grooming & shopping dresses for him...because he gets mad when he sees me cuddling other dogs or talking to other people w/ dogs even w/ my friends,he always demand my attentions....his always jealous...well totally his quite happy & contented w/ his life...but what bothers me...stone poops & urinate in the news papers, w/out it he will hold it as long as he can (nobody trained him for that...) so the news papers are always ready outside my room near door step but i've noticed when he poops after a minute or 2 he will return & eat his poops...he's not hungry...i didnt even get mad at him or punished him if he poops anywhere before,that he'll be afraid & eat his poops to cover the evidence...he own the place...he's the boss...he's not even bored....why did stone do that? eat his own poops.....

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  • Vivian AbelloVivian Abello West Palm Beach, FLPosts: 418Member
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    It is very common, especially in puppies. I personally have never dealt with this but have heard a lot of people ask. My first question would be is your dog getting enough exercise? I have heard an increase in exercise stops the problem. My next question would be are you feeding a high quality diet? Here is some more info. http://www.pet-comfort-products.com/why-dogs-eat-poop.html
  • pam pugpam pug JolietPosts: 64Member
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    It may be a habit he picked up from where he was born. My Rocky was born in a puppymill and rescued by a great group. After I adopted him, he had the same habit. If you got your sweetie from a pet store it is VERY likely he came from a puppymill. Though there are additives you can put in his food..why not just clean up the poopy right after he goes. This can stop the problem.
  • kathy loftkathy loft BellevillePosts: 2,200Member
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    Dogs eating poop (medical term is coptophagy), their own or other animals is very common. Some say there are many different reasons why a dog would find feces so tasty...hungre, food lacking in nutrients, boredom, stress, left alone, avoid punishment for going so they eat the evidence, internal parasites or they just simple enjoy it. To cure this problem again many things you could do. Exercise your dog a little more, take him for walks. Make sure his food is well-balanced and easy to digest, undigested food may still be in his feces and he might think of it as a snack, Clean his feces up immediately, not watch him for a minute or 2 and wait to see if he eats it. There are products to feed your dog that taste great going in but makes their feces taste horrible. Products that you can put on feces as well that taste horrible. Make a vet appointment and he can probably help you with the best solution to fix this habit. Good luck to you.
  • Charlotte VenableCharlotte Venable SpringdalePosts: 2,450Member
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    There is a product called Forbid that you can get from the Drs. Foster and Smith catalog or website. If you put it on his food, it should make his poop taste bad after a few days.
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