What are your thoughts on micro chipping your dog?

Can you please give me some opinions on weither to micro chip or not. Is it really worth it or not? The only way it works is if the person that found your dog takes it to the vet and the vet happens to scan it if the person was honest about how they got the dog, right? Or if your dog ends up in a shelter then they automatically scan them, from my understanding. Other than that, aren't they kinda pointless? I really need some advice on this subject but good and bad experiences please. I'm thinking about doing it but really just can't see a good point. I live in the country and people steal full bred dogs at the holiday time. If they steal your dog, they really aren't going to get it checked at the vet for a mirco chip...are they? Someone just stole my Pudden, and she doesn't have her tags on because about a week before she went missing the tags did. Please help me figure out a safe way to keep track of my dogs. I do everything I can but can't help it if someone steals them.

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    Microchips are also nice b/c it's a form of ID that canNOT be removed (dogs often slip out of their collars, id tags fall off, & thieves can easily remove a collar & tags). IF your dog goes missing, yes 'tis true that he would have to be scanned in order to find his way home. 99.9% of all shelters scan each & every pet that comes into their facilities, whether they are strays or surrenders; & MOST vets are in the habit of scanning any pets that come into their offices as foundlings. They are especially effective with your particular concern. It is a "fingerprint" for your pet. If your dog is stolen, & you happen to find him, a microchip registered in your name is undeniable proof that the dog belongs to you. Most courts of law will not entertain a photograph as proof of ID of any pet (b/c there are probably at least 1000+ more in the country that look VERY similar, especially if your dog is a purebreed). Unfortunately, the chip is not a lojack, but it is permanent ID.
  • kathy loftkathy loft BellevillePosts: 2,200Member
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    Deogie is micro-chipped and has id tags on his collar. I don't think it's pointless, I wanted all my bases covered in case he did go AWOL. It's peace of mind for me, bacause I believe there is mostly good people out there, that would do the right thing. If someone steals them its a different story, but she could still find her way back to you. If she runs away and animal control picks her up, the first person they would call is you. Heres another thing, lets say you see her with these people the only way you could prove she is yours is by a micro-chip. I think its worth it 100%.
  • StellaStella Posts: 6,822Member
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    Definitely a good thing if they get loose and lost. I have a dog that is very shy around strangers, and if she got out, most likely it would take animal control to catch her. Couldn't imagine the fear of never finding her. It's an excellent precaution.
  • Laurie ChansonLaurie Chanson AnthonyPosts: 4,665Member
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    I had not seen this until now and I was already aware of the situation and I have to tell you how truly sorry I am for the loss of your Pudden. I know how much he meant to you and how good he was for you. I'm sorry but I hope who ever did this rots. I have my two older dogs chiped because it was a law where we lived but I haven't had Sadie my puppy chipped because it isn't a law where we live now, but after reading the answers I think I will have her chipped and maybe you should too for your other ones. I still wish there was some way you could find him. Did anyone get a discription of the vehicle? I hope so much you get him back. I do not want to give you false hope but I have heard of stories where people do get their dogs back. I hope so much you get Pudden back. I can't tell you just how sorry I am. Please tell everyone you know and maybe someone can help you find him!
  • Amelia JimenezAmelia Jimenez Posts: 45Member
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    well we did it to our dogs. it's good because just incase your dog exchap and the collor is off at lese the dog has a micro chip in it so if someone finds your dog with out the collor they can take your dog to the pound of vet and they can read it for them. then they know that your dog belongs to you.
  • Kristin TaylorKristin Taylor Posts: 4Member
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    This is such a hard question for me. When I adopted Roxy she already had a microchip and it seemed helpful in case she was ever lost or stolen but... my parents have never microchipped our pets at home. They are strongly religious and believe this method may one day be put into people at the end of time. I kind of want to have Roxy's removed. Bo, I am so sorry about Pudden and pray for a safe return.
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