My 2 yr old Chihuahua is TERRIFIED of a leash!

maggie jmaggie j hometown USAPosts: 1Member
2 year old Chihuahua absolutely hates a leash. I have worked with her on and off since I brought her home. I worked with her everyday for a couple weeks when she first came home to us but was beside myself with frustration. She acts as though it is going to hurt her. It is a light weight, small leash and it clicks onto her collar, so it's not as though it's a horse training rope. I put it on her and she sits and shakes horribly. I tried to walk while holding the leash and she jumps backwards like she is in a hot frying pan. This happens every time I put the leash on her. I cannot afford to take her to a professional trainer, but am at my wits end. Just looking for some helpful hints or ideas. Thank you!!

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  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    Leave the leash laying on the floor for a while. Let her get up the courage to go and check it out. Give her days if you have too. Eventually, you can step up to holding the leash and having something extra tasty (like chicken) in your hand. Eventually, you can step up to walking her. Take it slow and go at the dog's pace. Best of luck!
  • Bekah PassowBekah Passow Posts: 4Member
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    Well, heres what I would do. I would get a treat and the leash and give Karma the treat while putting the leash on her. Do this a couple times and see if she gets use to the leash!
  • Connie LussierConnie Lussier LaceyPosts: 1Member
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    Thats how Copper my doxie was when we first got him. I got one of the small retractable leashes and he did wonderful on it. It is almost weight free. Try giving her treats that way she will put the to together and enjoy.
  • Ashley FosterAshley Foster Arizona / AlaskaPosts: 863Member
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    You should never use just a leash and collar on a small dog like a Chihuahua, unless you are showing, or you know what you are doing. To teach her to accept the leash, you need to use a harness. In using a leash and collar around her neck, you can risk having issues with her trachea. Get a harness for her and let her wear it while she is supervised. After a day, put the leash on an teach her to come to you. Have her in front of you and have treats. When you tell her to come, pull a little on the leash. Do this a few times. If she doesn't do what you are asking, tell her 'nuh-uh' and start again. Teaching her to come to you will help you walk her and will help her get used to slight pulls on the harness. This way, when you start to walk off, you can pull slightly and tell her to come to you. Take treats with you on your first few walks to encourage her to have a positive experience. Let me know if you have more questions - message me as I am limited on words here.
  • Tiffany HawkinsTiffany Hawkins WhartonPosts: 6Member
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    With my dog, the leash was scary at first. I kept the leash with me at all times and even while holding her or grooming, or just sitting down, had the leash near. I did this for about two days before it wasn't a big deal for her. Once she associated the leash with me, she didn't make a big deal out of it. After that, and without making a fuss over doing so, I clipped the leash to her harness and just let her walk around with it dragging around. She got used to the "weight of it" very quickly. Good luck!
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