shaina careyshaina carey south glens fallsPosts: 228Member
how can i get the dog to heel? he is over two years old and stubbern

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  • Erin DeVeberErin DeVeber London / UWO areaPosts: 373Member
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    What do you want him to heel for? If you just want to take comfortable walks, look into buying a head halter. They will stop his pulling with minimal training but the behaviour goes back to normal when he is not wearing the halter. If you need him to heel for some job or competition, then try the basics. Have him sitting beside you with his R shoulder lined up with your L leg. when you give the 'walk' command, step forward and urge him to keep stride with you by talking to him constantly and keeping his attention with treats. If he gets ahead or gets distracted, turn around and walk the other direction without saying anything to him, and do not look back, he'll get jerked around and realize that he should have been watching you. Then start again.
  • Chris & Brian CrawfordChris & Brian Crawford Posts: 1,879Member
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    Dogs can be trained no matter how old they are. If your issue is forging ahead, try "random walking". The way this works is as follows: if Shiloh forges ahead, you change direction immediately while telling him to "heel". As soon as he follows, you praise and reward him. Repeat as often as necessary. The reason you want to tell him to heel is so that he will associate the command with the action. Simply walking off in another direction and jerking him around doesn't teach anything and will only confuse. There are many devices, such as head halters, that can help you control a strong dog or a dog that pulls a lot. They are, however, training devices and should never be used as a "solution" to a problem, only as a device to teach your dog the right way before transitioning to a flat collar. The way Tesla describes using a Head Halter is 100% wrong and will do nothing to teach your dog to heel nicely. Training devices are only useful if used together with training.
  • kathy loftkathy loft BellevillePosts: 2,200Member
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    I think teaching a dog to heel is a great thing. Deogie can be stubborn as well but with time and patience you can get there. Does your dog pull on the leash while walking, if he does you need to stop this first. If he pulls to the end of the leash, stop and stand still. When he comes back to you treat and lots of praise. Continue your walk, if he pulls repeat process. He'll learn staying close to walker means yummie treats. Once he has mastered the loose leash walk you can move on to heel. You need to have your dog stand or sit on your left side. I chose to have Deogie stand, sitting would be too difficult for him during the training process. Move your left leg ahead while saying dogs name and heel. Prasie and give treats while your dog is walking at your side. Stop after about 5 steps and lots of praise. Start over again. If he does start to pull ahead of you, stop and start over. I hope this helps and training a dog is much better than using a device and you'll be proud you did it.
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