My dog pulls on the leash like a sled dog. She also barks, sniffs and makes "noises" on the walk. Sh

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My dog is a terrier/beagle mix. She loves to run and pull. She also sniffs like she's tracking when we are outside. She's 6 years old and I've had her for 3 months. She is not used to a leash. She used to run free. When I use a collar on her she pulls and chokes herself. I tried a choke chain but I didn't like it. I use a regular harness, but she pulls like a sled dog. I tried the Gentle Leader harness with the hook in the front. It worked for awhile but then it rubbed under her armpits raw. I don't think it was too tight because when it's looser she can slip one paw out and start pulling. I tried a Halti collar but I did not get to walk her on it because she freaked out so much. My problem is the leash pulling and the initial barking and making sounds when we go out. She leaves the house barking and trying to pull. She is super loud and her voice just echoes. In the A.M. I use the collar because it's harder for her to pull and bark. Any help will be appreciated.

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  • Chris & Brian CrawfordChris & Brian Crawford Posts: 1,879Member
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    Sounds like your pup has inherited a lot of Beagle traits. The loud barking and baying is pretty normal for Beagles that are "hunting" - and if she's sniffing and pulling, it's probably the great smell of something she is after. Do you have a fenced in yard at all, or any fenced in area where you can go and let her safely run off leash? That would really help wear her out more, and get some of that extra energy out of her. Beyond that, your only option with the barking is to either train her not to (clap your hands or use "Ah Ah" and then reward her for being quite) or using a device to keep her from barking, such as a no-bark collar. As far as the pulling goes, there are loads of options you may still consider. The Sporn harness, the Lupi harness, a Martingale (limited slip) collar, or even a prong collar. If she is very strong, a prong collar may work best for you to control her. I would not use a flat collar if she pulls a lot, because it can actually injure her throat over time
  • lkljfalkjfv kjarflkjlkljfalkjfv kjarflkj kjlkjalkdjlfkjeaPosts: 85Member
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    Well, as far as the pulling goes, Lyds and I were major pullers until Mum snuck a gentle leader head collar on us. We behaved on walks so well after that that she uses them everywhere we go even though we don't like that thingee aound our nose so much! (oh, she said she got our GL's at PetsMart.)
  • Lori VierecklLori Viereckl SycamorePosts: 47Member
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    I have the same problem w/ Maggi Beagle/Rat Terrier or Begat' She freaked out w/ the halti too. It won't help w/ walks but I'm trying to teach her to hunt for her treats in the house, under pillows or a chair. Calvin gets it but she's still learning (just 1yr old ) . Beagles love to track, my sister had 2 and they would run off any chance they got, up untill they died about @15yrs,I Might check out the collars that Abby suggested.
  • Jayj GJayj G BlancoPosts: 1,218Member
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    I don't agree with using a choke chain or prong collar, both injure your dog, pysically and mentally. Exercise her more before you go on a walk, let her run off-leash in a fenced safe area, take her to a dog park, etc. For the barking, and pulling, use a clicker, and treats. Click whenever she is walking without pulling, she will soon connect the click and treat with walking calmly and so will do it more in order to get you to click. The same goes for barking, click when she is walking calmly without barking. My dog used to pull alot, and I started bikejoring with him ( and after that he is much to tired to pull. this website may help with the clicker training, At least 40% of the time, let her go sniff things, if you don't then she will get upset and not like it very much. Sniffing is a normal, deeply ingrained, doggie behevior that they will do whether you like it or not. Any collar will injure her neck after a while of severe pulling. Good luck!!
  • Marie PeppersMarie Peppers the valleyPosts: 1,164Member
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    Wow - YOU have done a great job with all the leashes and leaders you have purchased for this little beagle kid! Seems to me this kid needs to be an Off leash doggie - run in a fenced in safe area. 6 years old is going to be very hard to get her to walk on a leash. Again, you have done a great job... Look for off leash parks or a safe fenced in area to run and run. BEST Wishes Marie Peppers LPN MA
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