Hello! Why does only one of my ears stand up? What's wrong with my other ear?

I don't mind my ear flopping down because I am so adorable anyway, but I was just wondering if something was wrong. I am 4 years old and my ears should have erected by now....right?

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  • Jennifer CaldwellJennifer Caldwell Posts: 1,686Member
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    Hi Larry! I have one floppy ear too! It only stands up when the doorbell rings, or when somebody is getting me a treat. Sorry I don't have any answers for you, but you're not alone in this one. You are very cute!!!
  • kathy loftkathy loft BellevillePosts: 2,200Member
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    Erectile ear dysfunction is nothing to worry about. Did you get your puppy from a reputable breeder? I think his ears should have perked by at least a year. Maybe your babies cartilage in his ear was injured as a wee boy or just didn't form properly. Hopefully, someone can give you more informative advice. He is absolutely adorable.
  • Ashley FosterAshley Foster Arizona / AlaskaPosts: 863Member
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    Some dogs' ears never stand, but there are things you can do to try to help yours. At four, it may be difficult to help his little ear out, but you can still try. My Chihuahuas ears will stand and flop while they are teething and growing, but I will continue to rub them from the base of the ear up until they are stretched (not to hurt the dog, but just so they are erect) and just repeat this several times. You can also tape his ear, which I have done with some of my Chihuahuas. It is a different taping than I do with my Dobermans, but you tape the bottom of the ear and the top to keep it in an upright position. This works okay, but you really need to massage the tissue to help it grow up, but at his age, it probably won't do any good, as his tissue is not going to be easily molded. He's cute the way he is :)
  • suzanne serretisuzanne serreti Posts: 16Member
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    Hi : You are very cute with one ear down, but you are right, it is supposed to be up... I guess your vet checked to see if there was a hematoma injury that caused the ear to fold....If so and it's healed, nothing you can do about it... You are so cute anyway.... Ears usually go up by 6 months.
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