My 14 week old Shih Tzu puppy is eating her poop while I am at work.

She doesn't do this when I am at home. I have to gate her while I am at work during the day. But I find evidence of the poop but no poop when I get home. She is currently on Science Diet I/D food, due to some gastro-intestinal problems. But I don' t think nutrition is the issue, as she had done this in the past, prior to being on the ID and I just thought the poop marks with no poop was evidence of diareaha. Due to her Gastro Intestinal Issues that she had

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  • Leslie TurnerLeslie Turner Santa Rosa, CaPosts: 29Member
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    This is normal for puppies. Mine did it too and will on occasion if I don't watch her but she grew out of it and now poops and walks away from it and let's me pick it up. It can be a nutrition issue that the food isn't providing enough and she feels the need to consume her own's gross I know. The other reason they eat it is because they think it tastes good which is even more nasty than the previous reason! I currently lack the name for this but I am sure someone else will fill you in! Don't worry, your puppy is normal :)
  • kathy loftkathy loft BellevillePosts: 2,200Member
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    The term for eating feces is called coprophagia. Puppies and dogs can do this for a number of reasons, some are boredom, separation anxiety, or a dog who is not getting enough to eat or is going too long between meals. Another is undigested food that is left in your dogs poop, yeah it's gross but for them it's food. The primary ingredient in the food your feeding is corn, this does not digest and many dogs can be allergic to corn. Switch your dog to high quality dog food, you really should get her off the Science Diet. Try Innova or Eagle pack, go to their website and even call them I did, with any questions you may have about their products and your dogs intestinal problem. I heard feeding your dog a bit of pineapple with her meals will help with the unwanted snacking, tastes great going in but not so much coming out. I have also heard there is medication you can give your dog as well. Thankfully, I have never encountered this problem and I hope you find a solution. Good luck.
  • Marie PeppersMarie Peppers the valleyPosts: 1,164Member
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    Yes, a very common problem with some doggies - there is a product you can use called : Pleasant Breath Plus by Natur Vet- it helps to stop stool / poop eating. I give it to my Maltese and she doesn't eat her poop. If I don't give her one per day, then she will eat the poop...I will see the stain on the floor or potty pad and no poop...JUST as you mentioned... The evidence... Also, I give my gal NuVET vitamins to help her digestive system... Helps to stop the poop eating, too. here is the link: Best Wishes!! Marie
  • Ellen SippelEllen Sippel FairfieldPosts: 547Member
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    I saw on one of the dog training shows that if the dogs eats pineapple it makes the poo taste awful to them. Might want to check with the vet to see if she can have pineapple with her gastro-intestinal problems.
  • Cathy RamosCathy Ramos BronxPosts: 10Member
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    My puppie had the same problem he was eating his poop too. You could give her some pineapples. They make there poop taste really bad. They also have a pill that helps them not eat there poop too. And when you see her eat her poop tell her no. Good Luck!
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