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What breed is herding . Plus kid and pet friendly..need a social dog too.

I have goats that need to be worked. But I have known Aussies/heelers are too protective and have been known to turn on there own families other dogs. Do any of you have these breeds that socialization will help??

Best Answers

  • Chris & Brian CrawfordChris & Brian Crawford Posts: 1,879Member
    Accepted Answer
    Where in the world did you hear that? Every single dog is an individual. There are individuals in any breed that are overly protective, and there are dogs who are aggressive with other dog or with people. I have never known a dog of any breed who just "suddenly turned" on their own family. In most cases, dogs who bite family members are fearful dogs or dogs with weak nerves, both of which can be genetic (ie, caused by bad breeding practices), and in those cases, the dogs give every warning they know before actually biting - licking lips, body language, yawning, trying to get away, etc. It's the humans who don't know how to read a dog that are the problem in many cases. If you want an Aussie, find a reputable breeder or rescue. A reputable breeder is someone who breeds to improve the breed, and who breeds a very limited amount of litters each year. Their stock will have all health tests and will be worked or shown before breeding.
  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
    Accepted Answer
    WHAT? Sorry, but where the heck did you hear that junk? As Abby said, it's the dog and how it was raised, NOT it's breed. I have a German Shepherd, a herding breed. And I bet you've heard bad things about them too. But, they do not just turn on people either. They are very loyal dogs and build very strong bonds with their human.
  • Emily LucasEmily Lucas Posts: 8Member
    Accepted Answer
    Well Collie's are social,kid friendly,and a good watchdog.But they have alot of long fur so if u can deal with the grooming needs get a Collie.Or a bearded Collie!
  • Hailey EastHailey East Posts: 37Member
    Accepted Answer
    I have a miniature Australian shepherd, Issey, and she is very sweet.....we don't own any other dogs but my aunt's 3 month old Jack Russell comes over and Issey isn't aggressive. But it also depends on the dog, too. If you socialize your dog well, it will be fine with other dogs. We took ours to puppy classes, and she got to hang out with other dogs for an hour and a half every Monday and Friday, I believe. Dogs are all different, and that's something everyone needs to understand. People judge a whole breed by one dog. Dobermans' and Rottie's have bad reputations just because they look fierce. Don't get me wrong, they can be aggresive and very dangerous, but you shouldn't judge a whole breed just on one dog. Back to your question.......I personally think that Aussies are very good pets.....ask anyone who has one. Issey is sweet with any dog, and she's very intelligent; she herds Beau my aunt's Jackie. She goes to the door when she needs to go to the bathroom, and she doesn't run off.
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