Is she full bred? I adopted an Alaskan Malamute. She is a rescue so not certain of real age. Does sh

** She is not a husky. Huskies have blue eyes and Malamutes have brown eyes. She has brown eyes!**

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  • shaina careyshaina carey south glens fallsPosts: 228Member
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    she looks more like a pure bred siberian husky
  • Jennifer CaldwellJennifer Caldwell Posts: 1,686Member
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    I am not sure if she is purebred or not. But I wanted to point out that the breed standard for the Siberian Husky says: Eyes: almond shaped, moderately spaced and set a trifle obliquely. Eyes may be brown or blue in color; one of each or parti-colored are acceptable. Many purebred huskies do have brown eyes.
  • dana mcduffydana mcduffy new albanyPosts: 210Member
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    Timber is gorgeous, she looks like she may be full blooded, it is hard to tell. she is very pretty, and very lucky to have you. it was a wonderful thing that those people did, by saving her, but it is even more wonderful what you are doing for her now, and that is showing her what it is like to be loved by people. good luck to you !
  • Sandra PerrySandra Perry MemphisPosts: 1,425Member
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    What a sweet girl! There's probably no way for you to tell if she's a purebreed, but your vet can give you a guesstimate as to how old she is. Bless you for taking this sweet soul into your home.
  • Rebecca LandonRebecca Landon Posts: 5,368Member
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    You can always have a DNA test done! And if she is purebred, check out the AKC Pals program if you want:)
  •  Posts: 2,382Member
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    It would depend a lot on if you cut her fur or if that is full natural length. Malamutes usually have long gorgeous soft fluffy fur. Huskies are usually smaller than Malamutes, smaller bones as well. I would say to get a test done to be sure, she looks like she could be pure but I can't be certain.
  • daniel simondaniel simon HollbrookPosts: 59Member
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    Yes she looks pure. How big is she?
  • Jayj GJayj G BlancoPosts: 1,218Member
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    Huskies don't HAVE to have blue eyes, they're just allowed to have them in the breed standard, Mals can have blue eyes but can't be shown if they do. I think she is a Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd Dog mix, possibly with some Lab.
  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    She looks like Malamute/Husky. What a pretty girl!
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