my 2 yr. old lab eats the other dogs poop, what can i do?

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  • Michelle BradleyMichelle Bradley CaliforniaPosts: 3,684Member
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    First, the easiest way to keep this from happening is to take away the opportunity for it to happen in the first place. If the dogs are in the yard when this happens, make sure you pick up after them as soon as they go. If you leave them alone during the day try making a schedule change so that you take them for a walk before leaving. That way, they go potty on the walk and are less likely to go (or at least less likely to go as much during the day if they get a chance earlier) and you can control picking it up on the walk before the other dog can reach it. If this is a recent issue, a medical check up might be in order in case there is a reason he's started this behavior that is health related. Try upgrading their food. Sometimes, lesser quality food can pass through quickly enough to still resemble food and leaves dogs hungry for nutrients.
  • Sandi MahanaSandi Mahana Visalia, CAPosts: 4,011Member
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    Well you should try and keep him away from other dogs poop as often as possible. You also may consider changing his diet. Sometimes dogs eat other dogs "stuff" because their food isn't giving them all the nurtirion that they need. Try talking to your vet about it
  • barbara NYKIELbarbara NYKIEL Posts: 1Member
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    you can put a little bit of crushed pinapple in their food,i read that it helps.something with the smell after they poop that dogs don't like.
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
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    I would clean up all poop after them everyday that way you are not letting him have a go at it at all. Second if the dogs are getting extras, they can smell this and eat the poo. Cut all extras out, no bisquits, no scraps no meat ect. Also if you can catch him and be behind him you can blow an air horn behind him. This could deter his eating it. Something negative happens. But I would just clean the mess up right away.
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