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what can i do about my dog who chews everything when home alone.

 Posts: 1Member
we have two labs one 3yrs and the other 1-1/2yrs and they are not keep in crate while home alone. the youngest chewed on all my wood work and doors even after having chew toys, bones, and attempts to wear him out before going to work. we tried keeping him in a crate in the basement but the older one cries all day trying to find the younger one.

Best Answers

  • Vanessa SumnerVanessa Sumner KnoxvillePosts: 48Member
    Accepted Answer
    That might be separation anxiety. There are some training techniques to calm them down and make the separation easier. My boyfriend has a lab that would chew stuff if she was late getting dinner. She had to be crated until she learned not to do it.
  • Ashley FosterAshley Foster Arizona / AlaskaPosts: 863Member
    Accepted Answer
    Try bringing the crate up in the same room as the other dog. You should crate him while you are gone if he is getting into things. This could be a sign of separation anxiety, yes, but it could also be boredom. Do you exercise him everyday before you leave? A nice walk in the morning will help calm him down, and will allow his brain to relax for most of the day. If he still has energy, he is going to find a way to release it, and chewing is his way. Try bringing his crate in the room with the other dog. I cover my dog's crates - this helps the dog from seeing out the front which allows his brain to stay calm and relaxed. The older dog will smell his scent and know he is near, but your younger dog won't be able to see him if he wanders around and this will keep him from becoming anxious. You could put a Kong in his crate with him to keep him busy, if you wanted, but if he is tearing up your house, you need to make sure you give him plenty of exercise, and time in his crate when you can't supervise him. Please message me if you have more questions - best of luck.
  • Sarah LundleySarah Lundley OaklandPosts: 894Member
    Accepted Answer
    I agree with the other posters about crating your dog and putting him in the same room as the other dog. Not only should you walk your dog before you go to work, you should run, run, run him. Or go to a dog park or tennis court early in the morning and throw a tennis ball for 1/2 hour. Once in his crate, put a large knuckle bone in. It should take him a while to put a dent in that . Also put a Kong in, but stuff the Kong with goodies and freeze it the night before. Trying to get frozen goodies out of a Kong will keep him occupied for a very long time,but make sure what you put in can be frozen. But, you do need to deal w/ seperation anxiety. It takes time, but with practice, you can make it go away. There are books out there covering that subject. One thing you can do-when you have time- leave the house, wait 5 minutes and then goback in. Repeat that and slowly extend the amount of time that you're gone. Do that a few times a day and he'll get the idea that you always come back.
  • kayla isamankayla isaman Posts: 2Member
    Accepted Answer
    to help you dog stop chewing when see him chewing pick him or her up and gently tap its nose while saying no or bad dog and them when she doesnt chew reward her
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