How do I convense my parents to get a dog?

Raina sahliRaina sahli Posts: 19Member
I really love dogs more than ever and I have been trying to convense my step mom and dad to get one but i have absolutly no luck mostly because i have a 2 year old sister and a 9 month old sister and a 7 year old sister i am the oldest i am 13 they got me a cat about 3 years ago but i really want a dog if there is a miracle and they say yes it would have to live in our not so big screen room in orlando florida please give me your suggestions on how to convense them please i really need your help thank you so much!!! :) ;)

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    I know how it feels to really want a dog & I still waited until I was 34 yrs. old to get my 1st because my parents wouldn't let me have one &. as an adult, my situation was never right for a dog until then. If everyone at your house isn't completely on board with wanting a dog it is not a good idea to get one...Dogs require that everyone take part in their training & what not...Also a screened room in Orlando FL is NOT a good place to keep a dog & dogs & babies don't mix well...It gets way too hot in the summer! Maybe you could volunteer at your local shelter & be around dogs who really need you?
  • Jayj GJayj G BlancoPosts: 1,218Member
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    Even if you really really want a dog, you need to think about the dogs well being. Since you say the dog would have to live in one small room of the house, it would probably be better if you wait until your parents say the dog can live in the house or at least in a good size backyard, or until you move out and can decide what to do with a dog. However, I'm 14 and my parents said I could have a dog but he would have to live outdoors, I got my dog from a shelter and after a couple days they relented and said he could live inside. Something like that could happen but I strongly urge you not to wait until after getting a dog to decide where it will live. Research some breeds and their needs, find out about shelter dogs, learn what needs to be done for puppies like training and such. Also remember puppies grow up. Tell your parents what you've researched about what different dogs need, its up to them what you do but if they don't want a dog now its best for everyone to wait. Good luck!
  • Richard AtchesonRichard Atcheson Northern USAPosts: 3,570Member
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    Your parents may be familiar with problems in the past with dogs, but not some of the newer ways of solving them. Using a crate solves many problems. Good housebreaking techniques make it much easier. Obedience training eliminates many problems. Maybe get some books and read them so you can explain to your parents how you will solve the problem they fear.
  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    -Research some breeds that are good with kids, show them to your parents, and then ask about meeting some dogs of that breed in person. It might help convince them. -Do your best to do your chores and work to show them that you are responsible and can be trusted with the care of a dog. -Research how to care for a dog, where you should and should not get one, what breed would be best for you and your family, etc. Share your findings with the family. Sometimes parents say no because it may not be the best time to get a dog. In the current situation you may not be able to take care of all it's needs, or perhaps they cannot afford to take care of one. Dogs can be pretty expensive, not only to buy, but to care for as well.
  • kathy loftkathy loft BellevillePosts: 2,200Member
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    I was a teenager once (a long time ago) and I do remember having the, "your so unfair" arguements with my parents. As a mother to growing teenagers I now know how my parents felt...LOL. I know you think your parents are being unfair but they probably know how difficult and expensive it can be to own a dog. Also you say the dog would need to stay on the porch, would you honestly want a dog to stay out there by himself when your in school, hanging out with friends or watching your favourite tv programs. I know sometimes kids your age don't look into the future, but having a dog is possibly 14 or more years of committment. What about when you go to college, get a job in a few years on top of school. I got my first dog when I was grown and moved out on my own. He was allowed to be in my home, sleep in my bed, and trust me it was worth the wait. He was awesome. You should try and understand the reasons why your parents don't want a dog at this time.
  • Sarah LundleySarah Lundley OaklandPosts: 894Member
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    If you're folks don't get you a dog, a great way to spend time around dogs & give lots of love & get lots of love is to volunteer at your local animal shelter. I'm sure they could use someone like you to walk some of the dogs & spend quality time with them. Visiting the shelter a few times a week after school would be a great way to see if you're really ready to get a dog. Plus, the dogs would love it. Don't forget that your mom and dad have 4 kids to look after and the last thing they probably really need right now is a dog to clean up after. It's a lot of responsibility. You have to be there every single day to walk (2 times at least) the dog, feed the dog, clean up it's poop, wash the dog, train the dog and all of the other things that go with having a dog. Don't forget the vet bills that can be really expensive and that comes out of your parents pocket, unless you have a job to pay for it. I would go down to the shelter, ask if they could use your help and see what you can do.
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