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Where can I get a job?

Raina sahliRaina sahli Posts: 19Member
I am 13 and I really want a job to show my parents I am responisble enough to get a dog or at least pay for some of it I live in orlando florida do you have any suggestions please help thanks! :)

Best Answers

  • Lin ZeeLin Zee WSPosts: 151Member
    Accepted Answer
    I don't know all the laws on minors in the work force. I believe you have to be at least 15 & have a worker's permit for most jobs. However, the government gives grants & loans for minors to become entrepreneurs. Check around & see if there is an organization near you that will help you come up with ideas & a business plan to get you started. That is where the money is anyway. If you don't want to go in that direction & don't have any luck finding a job, check into volunteering. I volunteer at a zoo & there are several volunteers there who are minors. I think they have to be in the company of a parent or staff member, but it's experience that can go on a resume so it is not without benefits. Also, volunteers get behind the scene experiences & tours. The animal shelter in my area says that at least 50 percent of their staff started out as volunteers. Employers prefer to hire good volunteers they know than people off the street that they don't. Good luck!
  • Jessica GardnerJessica Gardner Coastal Plain/PiedmontPosts: 2,868Member
    Accepted Answer
    You can be a volunteer at your local pet store, animal shelter, or vet office. You may get paid at a pet store or vet office, but if you just want responsibility, go to an animal shelter.
  • Jayj GJayj G BlancoPosts: 1,218Member
    Accepted Answer
    Yup, thats my suggestion, volunteer. Try at a pet store, vet, animal shelter, or other dog related place. At your age you probably can't get a "job", like Jet said, at a vet or pet store you MIGHT get paid but volunteering at least will show your parents you're responsible. Even so having your own dog is far more responsibility then taking care of some at a shelter or vets office. As for money, I have to pay for all of my dogs food, vet bills etc. I just do stuff around the house to get paid for, also I do stuff for my relatives and I save all my money from birthdays and such and mostly use it to pay for dog supplies. If you want you're parents to think you're responsible enough, believe me , that will do it. A dog is a lot of work and doing some stuff like that will be good to let you know if you're really THAT commited to taking good care of a dog for 15+ years.
  • Sarah LundleySarah Lundley OaklandPosts: 894Member
    Accepted Answer
    Like the others have said, go to your local animal shelter and volunteer. Getting a job isn't necessarily going to show them that you can take care of a dog. But, working with dogs, learning to understand all of their quirks, learning to be patient, learning that no matter what, you've got to pick up the poop, learning the first steps of training a dog, learning that not all dogs behave perfectly and so on. I'd bet if you spent a few months dedicating your extra time at the local shelter, you would prove a lot to yourself and to your parents. But, you may also realize that taking care of a dog is a lot of responsibility and it isn't easy all the time. Remember, whose going to take care of the dog when you're at school? The dog has to get out to go potty sometime during the day? If you have practice of some kind after school, whose going to let him out to go potty, fed it and walk it if you're not home by 5 pm? Contact your local shelter and good luck. You'll love working w/the dogs.
  • Accepted Answer
    Maybe you could get a job baby sitting, mowing lawns, or dog walking? The law prohibits a 13 year old working at any actual business. Good luck!
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