Will my chihuahua make a good stud

He is larger than what I have read they are suppose to be. He is 8.5 lbs. He is very muscular and very handsome. He is registered and we have ancestors back 2 or 3 generations on fathers side and at least 4 on the mothers side. If he will make a good stud how does it work? Do I take him to the female or does the female come to us and what would make a reasonable stud fee?

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  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    -He will make a good stud IF: -He fits his breed standard exceptionally well -He passes all health tests (NOT just a vet check-up, this includes genetic health testing such as OFA and CERF) -He has the appropiate temperament for his breed -he is at least two years old You should not breed him UNLESS: -You are in this for the health of the breed -You are willing to spend lots of money getting him tested and following the other ethics involved in responsible breeding -You are willing to study breeding and the responsibilities involved thoroughly for *at least* two years. You'll also need a good, responsible, and experienced breeding mentor. There is much involved in breeding. I can tell you this as a breeder in training. I've been researching the subject for more than 3 years. More info at: cookiemiller.tripod.com To answer the second question, the female comes to the male. And the stud fee is based on the breeding quality of the male
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    I can tell by your profile pic that Tiki is out of standard & should NOT be bred!...Being registered is is NO way a claim to breeding quality & traditionally the bitch's owners approach the stud...That is not going to happen with any reputable Chi owner is your case...Neuter your boy & enjoy him as the wonderful pet he is! P.S. ALL dogs have ancestors back 3 or 4 generations...Even mutts! BOL!
  • Tiffany MitchellTiffany Mitchell IOWAPosts: 6,792Member
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    Just to add to their great answers: Further reading http://www.woodhavenlabs.com/breeding.html for Amateur Breeders: http://www.woodhavenlabs.com/amateur-breeders.html Chihuahuas listed on petfinder: 7,241
  • kathy loftkathy loft BellevillePosts: 2,200Member
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    NO HE WILL NOT!!! Get him neutered.
  • Chris & Brian CrawfordChris & Brian Crawford Posts: 1,879Member
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    NO, your Chi will not make a good stud. Your Chi is WAY too young to be studded. To pass the necessary health testing, he needs to be at least 2 years old. OFFA will not certify hips and elbows before 2 years of age. Your Chi is over the standard. Even your page says "he's a little larger". Any Chi over 6lbs is DISQUALIFIED from conformation and no reputable person will breed a dog that is outside its breed standard. Dogs should be shown and titled in conformation before being bred, to make sure they meet the breed standard and have a good temperament. There's zero reason to breed an untitled pet dog.
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
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    He is very cute. But, there is alot to consider for any breed. The health, the standard, he has to be breed worthy, he has to have hips OFA, and in some breeds their elbows and eyes have to be certified. Is there something wrong with his front legs the bones look funny and his feet are facing the wrong way when he stands?? His toes should face forward. Maybe it the way he is posing in his pic. But bone deformity is very serious. Well, that's just my opinion but I have alot of knowledge in what it takes. Not trying to be mean or cruel. There is alot of people trying to breed and make money off their dogs.
  • shaina careyshaina carey south glens fallsPosts: 228Member
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    my dog has two generations of chow and akita and lab in him but you do not see me bragging. ive seen better looking chihuahuas than him that were regestered. he does not fit the standard
  • Dana MitchellDana Mitchell SalemPosts: 7,455Member
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    No, he will not. Have you had his eyes checked? Unless it is some trick of the camera, I swear you can see cataracts in one of his pics... that is BAD. Anyway, though, he is not standard, at all, and should never be bred.
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