My 3 1/2 month old puppy is teething and is constantly biting at the backs of my pants or arms of my

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Does anyone have diversion methods for suggestion or will this fade with time as he grows up?

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  • Lisandra AguirreLisandra Aguirre Posts: 31Member
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    My pup is also 3 months old and i have tried everything. Redirection with a toy, grabbing the scruff of the neck, yelping, calmly saying NO!. What works most of the time is when I shake an old water gallon filled with beans. She gets startled by the noise and backs away. it doesnt work all day long, but if you try it a couple of times a day it will save your clothes and skin from getting torn. For your last question. I've heard from several people that pups grow out of this...I am praying that she does because it does hurt.
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
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    Redirect as much as possible or feed ice cubes frequently when gums are swollen. Ice cubes kept my sanity last time:)
  • Shawne OstermanShawne Osterman Orange, MonroviaPosts: 13Member
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    Ice cubes are good. Put some of its favorite chew toys in the freezer and alternate frozen treats for her/him. Teething is painful but not forever. If redirecting isn't successful, a spray bottle with water does the trick for many of those irritating issues. An alluminum can with some coines in it is more irritating to their ears than the beans too. Good luck!
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