How do I controll my 4 month old puppy to walk on a leash with me

I have a 4 month old maltese/shih tzu puppy. I have the hardest time getting her ready to and actually walking. She has a harness and when I put it on her she tries to chew and bite on it so that's the first fight. Second when I put the leash on her she bites and chews on that also even when we are going out the door, especially when we are walking back up the stairs to go home. She is very wild at times and when she is on the actual walk she jumps and runs around me. She even gets yanked back because she goes so fast (like the dog on the old cartoon chasing the rooster fogghorn lol). I don't know what to do. I know she has a lot of energy because she's in my apartment most of the day so I want to take her so she can release some of that energy but it's begining to drive me crazy. I love my puppy I just want her to learn something from me.

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  • Lis CareyLis Carey Posts: 5,402Member
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    One: Find a good, positive-reinforcement puppy obedience class. This might be as close as your nearest Petsmart or Petco; be sure to watch a class or two with the trainer you'd be working with, and talk to them, to be sure you're comfortable with them. Don't ever work with a trainer you don't feel comfortable with, no matter how highly they are recommended. A good class will be great for you AND your dog, and fun. Two: She's a puppy. Right now, she's putting everything in her mouth. You can get somthing called Bitter Apple at Petsmart or Petco or most other pet supply stores. It's totally non-toxic, but most dogs hate the taste of it. Spray the lower part of the leash with it, preferably when she can't see you doing it, and chewing on the leash will probably get a lot less attractive to her. Three: Be careful to reward ONLY the behavior you WANT. If she's tugging, you don't move forward until she stops. Give her treats when she's walking nicely. Pack lots of patience!:)
  • Elissa BroniarczykElissa Broniarczyk Posts: 501Member
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    An obedience class would probably be a good idea. Its socialization period for puppies at her age. In class they teach loose leash walking, leave -it (so she won't put everything on your walk in her mouth), drop-it, etc.. I have a 15 week old pom puppy, so I know how testy pups like to be. BOL!
  • Richard AtchesonRichard Atcheson Northern USAPosts: 3,570Member
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    Yes, a class would be good. You should stay with a flat fabric or leather collar until your puppy is 5 months old. Then you can go with the metal slip collar with the rings on each end. Otherwise you could damage its windpipe. Put it on like this for the usual dog on the left position. Pull the chain through the one ring forming a "P". Facing the dog, slip it over its head. The free end comes over the neck allowing the other end to release pressure when the leash is slack. A five month old's head will still grow some. If you buy one that easily goes over the head, it still should come off leaving the ears when the dog finishes growing. You need a good 6' leather leash, although you may not want to give a young puppy a chance to chew it. Easier dogs will give up their pulling with a few good snaps of the leash combined with a stern "Bad dog!" One gentle technique I like is to just stop when he pulls. He wants to go. Move forward when the leash is slack and stop when tight.
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
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    If she is biting it then she is probaly excited. I would wait for her to calm when she calms I would stroke her on back then feed chicken pieces. Never reward her bad behavior if she bites at harness stop moving if she nips it, wait for calmness, then feed. Do this over and over even if you aren't going for walk, til she learns calmness bring reward. You shouldn't be walking her far at 4 months. You can also play hide and seek. But, first comes obedience. Work with her one command at a time, using repeative command/with food reward. Teach one command every week giving her 1 week to work. Keep them at only 10 min. max repeat them every day but keep it all slow learning. When she is done put her in crate to think about 25 min. Then get her out and brush her or something to relax her.
  • Tiffany MitchellTiffany Mitchell IOWAPosts: 6,792Member
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    Guest, check out the video on Asher's page...
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