My dog bingo wont stop chewing himself

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My dog bingo wont stop chewing himself trying to make his butt stop iching he wont stop when i tell him to stop he goes to another room and does it what should i do.

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  • Marie PeppersMarie Peppers the valleyPosts: 1,164Member
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    Hi Poor bingo - A food change , adding some oils to his diet and a supplement will help. If this continues you may want to see the vet for Allergy testing. Here is some help for dogs with allergies. Scratching and bleeding pitbull - allergy: French bulldog itching and scratching:
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    changing his food would help also changing his diet on what you feed him.putting oils on him can help him and giving him a bath could also help him.
  • kathy loftkathy loft BellevillePosts: 2,200Member
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    If its your dogs butt, he may need his anal glands expressed. A vet can do this. If your dog is scratching in general, they a vet check should be in order. There are different reasons why a dog may do this. Poor quality food, which results in dry skin. Switching to a premuim food (no corn) or using some fish oil may help with this. Bathing too often or with the wrong products can cause irritation to the skin. Allergies are a possibility as well, but you need to know whether it is food, inhalant, contact or flea allergy. All my best and have a good one.
  • Richard AtchesonRichard Atcheson Northern USAPosts: 3,570Member
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    If it was the food, changing food might take a month to clear it up. Another month for the dog to itch if it is just the anal glands or something else. Please schedule a vet visit soon to identify the real problem and apply the proper fix. In the real world, corn is the most common ingredient in dog food, and very few dogs have excessive itching due to it. In my adult life, I am up to 20 dogs that did fine on foods with corn in them and have seen thousands of others doing fine on it.
  • Sam Meisler DVMSam Meisler DVM RockfordPosts: 6Member
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    my owner, a vet, posted a video on dog itchiness at youtube that discusses different patterns of itchiness (like foot chewing or itchy rear end) and what they may mean - Anal glands are thought of most commonly but sometimes food allergy is a possibility.
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